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Let’s Build Your Forever Home And Turn Your Dreams Into Your Every Day Living

Specialising in house design, house extensions and Home Renovations, our team of highly regarded Perth Builders will guide you from conceptualisation to the final handover within budget and on schedule.

Home Renovations by Renovation Capital

Renovating your home with Renovation Capital can significantly elevate both its appeal and functionality. Your home is more than just a space; it’s a sanctuary for relaxation and creating cherished memories. Every room, from the living area to the bedrooms, merits Renovation Capital’s expert renovation touch.

Additionally, Renovation Capital’s meticulously planned renovations can substantially boost your property’s resale value. Buyers and tenants are often on the lookout for a house that resonates with their dream home aspirations. Whether you’re aiming to increase market value or simply enhance your living experience, Renovation Capital’s comprehensive renovation services are essential.

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We are a design and construct team, we help you realise your dream home from design all the way through to the build.

Our team of renovation builders specialises in home renovations. In 2023 alone we renovated 23 homes.

We have tremendous experience on home extensions and 2nd storey additions in Perth. Why move when you can improve?

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Understanding your Renovation Style

At Renovation Capital, we understand and embrace your distinct style preferences. Whether your heart is set on a modern, lively ambiance, the understated elegance of minimalist design, or the timeless allure of classic home aesthetics, our designers are skilled in tailoring to your individual tastes. Our dedication lies in transforming your vision into a design that is both functional and fashionable, ensuring it harmoniously reflects your unique personal style.

Our latest Home Renovation.

Why Choose Us For Your Renovation Project?

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Experienced Renovation Designers

Combined our renovation design team at Renovation Capital have over 100 years of practical experience in understanding the intricate aspects of home spaces.

We see each renovation not just as a project, but as a unique opportunity to enhance a specific area of your home with its distinct features. Working with our skilled interior designers enables you to infuse your personal vision and preferences into your renovation, ensuring the transformed space truly reflects your tastes and complements your lifestyle.

Quality Materials and Appliances

Seeking top-quality materials and appliances for your home renovation? At Renovation Capital, we prioritize the highest standards in sourcing materials. From countertops to floor tiles, each element is selected for its durability and longevity, ensuring a premium finish in every project.

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Premium Appliances

A home renovation isn’t complete without cutting-edge appliances. At Renovation Capital, we collaborate with top brands to offer appliances that complement the aesthetic of your space while delivering unmatched functionality.

Warranty Assurance

Quality assurance is central to every home renovation project at Renovation Capital. We ensure all materials and appliances are backed by substantial warranties, reflecting our commitment to quality and providing you with long-term peace of mind.

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Sustainable Choices

A home renovation should be as environmentally responsible as it is visually stunning. At Renovation Capital, we emphasize the use of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances, ensuring your space not only looks great but also minimizes its environmental impact.

Choose Renovation Capital for your Perth home renovation – where quality, durability, and style converge to create a timeless living space.

Love your home? Give it a new lease of life with a comprehensive home renovation. Call Renovation Capital today on 08 9388 6667 to book your home renovation and design consultation.

From Perthโ€™s northern suburbs to the southern areas, we specialise in creating stunning designs that transform your entire home into the space of your dreams.

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Contact Renovation Capital today

Home renovations, particularly custom ones, require careful planning and execution. Whether you’re making minor updates or undertaking a full-scale renovation, it’s crucial to ensure that the transformation is remarkable. Every room, especially the most utilised ones, deserves special attention. With all these factors in mind, you can design a space that’s not just functional but also a showcase of style and elegance.

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