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With over 150 years of combined experience, our goal at Renovation Capital is to help you design and create the ensuite bathroom of your dreams. From an all-white bathroom to an ensuite filled with unique elements and your favourite design ideas, we guarantee a beautiful remodel leaving you with the private bathroom of your dreams!

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Why Choose Us For Your Ensuite Renovations?

At Renovation Capital, we aim to remove all the hassle from your remodel, creating a beautiful and functional space that meets all your requirements.

Our expert renovation company can help you to transform your master en-suite or outdated ensuite into a luxury space that you’ll simply love. With a highly experienced design team, our goal is to create the perfect en-suite to match your home’s style and aesthetic.

We understand that updating your master en-suite is a big decision. But, with unlimited en-suite ideas at your fingertips, we guarantee that your en-suite remodel will be effortless. We know what works and what doesn’t in bathroom interiors so we can advise you on the best ways to achieve your vision.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration on small en-suite makeovers and trendy interior design or want to create a modern master en-suite, bespoke powder room or a more contemporary en-suite, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll walk you through the entire process, listen to all your en-suite ideas and design a modern en-suite perfect for you and your family.

Private Bathroom Vs Ensuite

Is there a difference between a private bathroom or an ensuite bathroom? Well, the term ‘en suite’ means ‘connected’ or ‘attached’. So, an ensuite is essentially a private bathroom connected to your master bedroom or any other room in your home. These bathroom designs ensure optimal privacy since there is only one point of access – through the room.

On the other hand, private bathrooms are considered standalone rooms that are not usually connected to the master bedroom or any other room in the house. However, they are usually situated opposite or adjacent to a specific room for that person’s exclusive use.

Does Your Ensuite Need To Match Your Main Bathroom?

While it’s a great design choice to have a cohesive theme throughout your house, your ensuite and your main or master bathroom don’t necessarily need to match. Using the same tile, floor, cabinets and hardware (like taps and showerheads) is a great way to keep your bathroom design connected.

But, you can always get creative with choosing other, standalone elements. For example, you could invest in a more elaborate vanity and add different décor items to make your ensuite differ slightly from your main bathroom.

Designing The Perfect Ensuite To Meet Your Needs

Whether you are looking for a contemporary bathroom aesthetic, a modern black and white bathroom style, or are looking for ways to maximise the space in your small bathroom, we can help make your dream bathroom a reality.

From bespoke wall tiles, sinks and cabinets to contemporary fixtures and luxurious marble, the sky’s the limit. We believe that there is no better time than now for a bathroom and ensuite renovation and we are the right choice to get the job done!

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Style, Interior Design and Overall Decor

When it comes to ensuite bathroom design ideas, there are unlimited options! For inspiration and bathroom, you can easily browse through thousands of bathroom photos and find your favourite styles and features.

Some of the most important things to keep in mind are the style, interior design, overall décor and theme. A unified look is crucial before you start your remodel. Decide whether you want to go with the popular or trendy bathroom ideas, or if you want something a little more traditional. Perhaps you have your own unique ideas and designs that you want to incorporate into your new ensuite bathroom!


By using the same tiles across your ensuite and master bathrooms, you will ensure a unified and consistent look and feel. While some people prefer to have a unified look, others prefer to mix it up.

Tiles are a very important consideration in any bathroom. You need to decide on the pattern, texture, and what shades will suit your home and overall style. Subway tiles are a very popular and simple option but they come in many different styles so you’ll easily be able to find one that suits you.

For those who prefer to mix it up, using different tile styles in the same colour can create a beautiful interior while adding value to your home and creating a more welcoming and luxury bathroom space.


The best way to enhance your space is to include fixtures such as the sink, cabinets, benchtops, bathtub or shower, and vanity. There are unlimited bathroom ideas when it comes to bathroom fixtures so taking a browse online to get inspiration is always recommended.

We recommend that your bathroom benchtops should be coordinated in some way. You can decide upon the same material, like marble, to keep the theme in your private, ensuite, and master bathroom.

When it comes to fixtures, you can find all sorts of options to suit your preferences. The bathroom design ideas for a contemporary, traditional, or modern bathroom are endless.

Luxury Ensuite Design By Experienced Builders

Now that you’ve found your inspiration, you’re ready to get started with the ensuite bathroom renovation process. With years of experience, our bathroom renovations are unparalleled. Our key goal is to design a space that you love while adding value to your home and your living space.

There are many ways to ensure that you achieve a contemporary bathroom that you love without breaking your bank. Our designers are here to make your job easier. Here are a few bathroom ideas to ensure you end up with a functional luxury space that you adore:

  • Choose your taps and sinks carefully
  • Renovate your shower or shower doors
  • Update your vanity
  • Consider your overall space when deciding where your bath, sink and toilet will go
  • Select a tile that creates the illusion of a more open and large space
  • Maximise light by always making use of natural lighting and being selective when deciding when to install your bathroom lights
  • Make use of versatile materials such as marble, subway tiles, innovative floor styles and mirrors
  • Keep colour, interiors and themes in mind
  • Create more storage space where possible
  • Keep your styling consistent
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Custom Ensuite Renovations

Whether you’re looking for a large black and white modern bathroom or a small bathroom with custom-made cabinets, we can help you out. We’ll transform your existing bathroom or ensuite into a modern masterpiece!

With endless options, our design team will work tirelessly to ensure every one of your needs is met. From sinks and showers to floors, cabinets and lighting ideas, we design beautiful bathrooms to suit our clients’ specific needs and style!

There has never been a better time than now to invest in your bathroom and make your dream space become a reality At Renovation Capital, we’ll make sure that large or small, your remodel is smooth and hassle-free!

Contact us today for an en-suite renovation.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact us today to book your free consultation with one of our expert designers. Our team will work with you to understand your home and style preferences so that we can come up with the perfect bathroom design. We can help you choose the best materials and tiles so that you can get the en-suite of your dreams at an affordable price.

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