As working from home becomes more common and easier to do, it’s important that you have a dedicated work area within your home. Not only will this improve your productivity, but it can be a quiet spot for you to retreat to when you need to get things done.

With over 150 years of combined experience, we can design the perfect study nook to meet your needs. Whether you have an entire room to makeover or just a small space, we can help you


Why Choose Us For Your Study Renovations?

When it comes to study renovations, our goal at Renovation Capital is to make the entire process as easy as possible for you. We understand that studies come in all shapes and sizes, and our goal is to custom design your space to create the perfect home office for you.

We pride ourselves in using only the most experienced designers and licensed experts and are committed to creating a workspace that you love. From custom joinery and cabinetry to floating shelves or a more traditional bookshelf, the options are unlimited. By creating customised storage solutions and using design techniques, we can turn any space into a functional and comfortable study nook.

If you work from home, we understand that you probably spend a lot of time in this room. For this reason, it’s important that your home study suits your exact needs and requirements.

At Renovation Capital, the sky is really the limit when it comes to study nooks and home renovations. Whether you prefer a modern style or a classic, old-school study nook, we’ll incorporate features to suit your home perfectly!

No matter if your space is big or small, we’ll find creative ways to turn it into a comfortable space with plenty of storage and room for your desk.

Benefits Of Having A Study Nook Or Home Office

There are many benefits to study nooks, these include but are not limited to:

Increases Your Productivity

While working in an office comes with its own distractions, working from your own house can also be a challenge! If you have family around or young children, you’ll probably have plenty of interruptions if you’re working in your living room.

Home offices and study nooks help to increase productivity by giving you a space that you can go and work in peace. Having this designated space helps you to separate your personal time from your office hours so that you can get more done.

With no one to distract you, you can enjoy an atmosphere that ensures you’re productive. With enhanced peace and quiet, as well as a well-designed workspace, your study nook will be a haven for you to get things done without distraction.

Extra Convenience

One of the biggest perks of working from home is the flexibility. Some people prefer to work during the day, while others are more productive at night. With your own study nook, you will be in full control of your work cycle, creating your own work-life balance.

For parents, studies also provide the option to work while still being near to your children at all times.

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Premium Quality Cabinets & Shelving

With years of field experience in study renovations, our dynamic design team are able to create custom pieces to meet your needs. From custom cabinets and drawers to innovative bookshelves and filing cabinets, we will help you create the perfect study nook.

With our expert joinery, we will ensure that your new cabinets match your interior style to the T! Whether modern and simplistic or traditional with a focus on storage space, we’ll include all the features you need in your office nook renovation.

All our cabinets and shelves are made with the highest quality Australian products. Our goal is to source the best prices and parts to make your dream study space a reality, with no hassle or fuss.

Custom Study Designs To Suit Your Needs

Depending on your requirements, our design team can create built-in drawers, shelving, doors and just about anything else. Our designs extend to just about any colour, fit or style, ensuring that your home office matches your home’s overall theme and decor.

We can also include features to ensure your study area is kept clean and clutter-free. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference. At Renovation Capital, we will listen to all your ideas to ensure that we can design the perfect home office interior to suit your needs. From fitting in the perfect desk to including storage features, we’ve got you covered!


Contact Renovation Capital Today For Studies Australia

When it comes to your study renovations, look no further than Renovation Capital. Not only do we have extensive industry experience but our team of designers are committed to make your home office dream a reality.

Not sure if you’re ready to take that step? Contact us today for a free consultation and leave the rest up to us!

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