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Not much bench space, too few cupboards and nowhere to put your small appliances, let alone fit the big ones. It can seem that the only plus in having a small kitchen is that there is less to clean!

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Small Space Kitchen

A small space doesn’t mean having to downsize. A small kitchen can feel like a squeeze, but with the right advice, you can squeeze the most out of your kitchen. Kitchens in apartments and small spaces are a challenge, one that the designers at Renovation Capital relish. Our designers can make a little space go a long way.

Are you a cook needing to be organised and room to create or are your culinary skills limited to reheating last night’s Chinese? Are you footloose and fancy-free or are you trying to feed a family and their friends? Each kitchen serves a different purpose.

You may have a beautiful kitchen but if it does not work with your needs, then you will quickly fall out of love with it. The number one priority has to be functionality. However, there is no reason why a functional space cannot also be spectacular. This is why we’re here to help you out with your kitchenette design.

Kitchen Ideas For Working In A Small Kitchen Space

To function smoothly, each element in your small kitchen design needs to be planned out. The layout, appliances and ornamentation need to work in harmony when there is a space limitation. A confined cooking area can suit your needs with the right kitchen design.

The precise requirements of design for small kitchens mean that they require a longer design process – the design needs to be exact. Imagine if a design were a few centimetres off, and suddenly your door couldn’t open! It’s better to make use of a longer planning period to ensure that your small kitchen design is successfully and elegantly planned out.

Luckily there are many tips and tricks out there that can help you to save space, and keep organised, in a small kitchen. Let’s have a look at these below.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas Storage

Think drawers, not doors. You can optimise your space by switching cabinets to drawers. This is because cabinets often cause you to lean in and rummage around for things. Drawers, on the other hand, allow you to be more organised. Rows of drawers also look sleek, stylish and neat. They give off an organised look and feel – even though they might be a bit messy inside!

Open shelving can be a lifesaver – but it needs to be savvy. Your small kitchen can benefit from some well-placed open shelves. Think about shelves that can be accessed from both sides, and don’t block the light. They can add a touch of ornamentation, and organisation, to your kitchen. Don’t forget about under-seat storage and crates on top of cupboards as other space-saving options.

Make sure to take the handles of your storage into account. If your cabinetry has heavy handles, it can make the room look busier as opposed to neat and clean. It also actually takes up space, even though it may seem insignificant. But, in a tiny kitchen, every centimetre counts! Pick cabinets and drawers that are easy to open with no handles, or have inset troughs.


The design of the kitchen really needs to be based on the area that you are working with. For example, small spaces with a curved wall will not be designed the same way as a small rectangular kitchen. Prioritising space is the key to an exquisite layout.

If you need to include a small eating area in your kitchen, think about how you might be able to fit a small dining table in. For example, a small and long kitchen might have space for a little table at the end of the room.

If there is no room, you might want to consider slotting in a breakfast bar – essentially a countertop with space left underneath. This is a tradeoff between drawer space and a comfortable eating nook – but that’s up to you!

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There is a wide range of solutions for small kitchens and it is hard to know what will work in your home. Whether you want a modern kitchen, galley kitchen, or to incorporate a kitchen island, we would love to help you get the most out of your home with our small kitchen ideas. Renovation Capital can help you with kitchens, bathrooms and entertainment spaces and have the knowledge, experience and understanding to be able to create beautiful multifunctional spaces in small homes.

We would love for you to have a look around this site, or, if you would prefer, come in to talk to our designers. Our showroom is open 6 days a week or if you would like any further information please click on the “request a consultation” or call 9388 6667.

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