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Custom Entertainment Units

Looking to spruce up your living space? Whether you are looking for a freestanding or floating entertainment unit, your entertainment unit should add a unique style to your home.

At Renovation Capital, our goal is to create top-quality custom-made entertainment units to meet your exact needs. With over 150 years of collective experience, we offer only the best quality designs in and around Perth.

Custom Entertainment Unit

Add Some Style To Your Home With A Custom Entertainment Unit

You might think that having an entertainment unit in your home is solely for functional purposes. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Having a custom unit made to suit your space and furniture can help bring the whole room together.

Whether you want something open where you can display your speakers and electronics, or closed off cabinets to keep everything looking neat and tidy, we can help design the ideal unit for your space.

Depending on the size of your home, your custom-made entertainment unit will most likely be the centre of attention and where you spend most of your time. For this reason, we believe that a unique custom design can add value and style to your living room’s overall look and feel.

Our unique custom made units combine functionality and beauty to create an entertainment unit that fulfils your organization and storage requirements.  With the highest quality materials and hardware, we ensure that your new entertainment and storage unit will fit your living room area perfectly.

From a unique and well-designed storage space and sleek floating cabinets to custom designs, the options are endless. Our goal is to create the best Australian-made TV units – ensuring that you get only the most modern and functional entertainment unit possible.

Australian Designs Made Especially For You

Organising your media and living room space can be difficult. With decades of experience in the Australian market, our job is to remove the stress and make this process easy. That’s why we provide a one-stop-shop for your every need.

A custom TV unit can give your space a modern and sleek look. Having a custom design also means that your unit will fit perfectly against the chosen wall.

Our custom designs extend to high-quality TV units, full entertainment units, installing or removing walls, floating or built-in cabinets, and more.

All our services follow the highest Australian standards and are designed specifically for the Australian market.

Whether you are looking for a more classic look or prefer a more adventurous style, our goal is to make sure you get the entertainment unit of your dreams.

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Benefits Of A Custom Entertainment Unit

With evolving technology, today you have access to a wide variety of immersive experiences. This means it’s the perfect time to invest in a custom-made entertainment unit built specifically to fit against your wall.

Whether you want something to match your furniture, enhance a blank wall or need something to house your TV and other electronics in, custom units are made to suit your needs.

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Here are a few reasons why custom entertainment units are a good investment for your home:

  1. More specific sizing options available
  2. A wider variety of design and finishing options
  3. Easily add extra features such as floating cabinets, additional storage space, various door and handle styles, among other unique add-on features
  4. They generally have a longer life and require less upkeep in the long-run
  5. Custom units add an extra layer of style and flair to your home’s overall aesthetic
  6. Designed to keep everything neatly organised
  7. Offers an enhanced TV viewing experience

Contact Renovation Capital Today

Not sure about what your next steps are? Or maybe you’re still unsure about what design you are looking for. Contact us today and one of our experienced designers will get back to you to set up a consultation.

We design our custom entertainment units for Australian homes using top-quality Australian materials. So, we guarantee we will find a unique design that works for you and your family!

At Renovation Capital, we aim to provide you with the best entertainment unit services in and around Perth, Australia.

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