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The Hamptons interior design style is about refined elegance, and also a sense of comfort, function, and liveability. The kitchen is often a key gathering place in a home, so it makes sense that you would want it to capture all of these elements.

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Hamptons Style Kitchen

Enduring, Homely and Congenial: Traditional kitchens are great for those who want the palette of a classic kitchen with a more elaborate flair. These kitchens really live up to the saying ‘the devil is in the detail.’ It is the detail that makes a traditional kitchen. If you are looking to revamp your kitchen, a Hamptons style could be perfect for you. It strikes the perfect balance between relaxation and sophistication.

Usually, a Hamptons style kitchen is built to entertain and is perfect for a summer soiree! The Hamptons style falls under the category of a traditional style kitchen so here’s everything you need to know about this homely aesthetic.

Traditional Style Kitchens

Typical of heritage and federation houses, traditional kitchens are being built more and more often in new builds. It is the feel of the kitchen that attracts our customers to this look. Traditional design incorporates neutral colours and time-honoured structures. This, of course, does not mean that you cannot play with the design with layout, colour and feel. As you can see from our gallery, our clients have made their mark on their kitchens.

Wood textures, traditional materials and complementary colour schemes are the hallmarks of this traditional kitchen style. Wood, tiles, granite and marble style bench tops are common in this style. While colour palettes are commonly neutral, there is often a pop of colour often through accessories. Classic kitchens really play with texture and shape to create a warm comforting feel.

The aim of a traditional kitchen is to be in keeping with the home. Although this style still includes the cottage and vintage accents it is known for, traditional kitchens today are nothing like what Grandma had. Bright with the highest technological specifications, a traditional kitchen will provide you with an inviting space full of light and warmth. This style also incorporates Hampton’s Style. It is a perfect blend of beach and country. From polished chic to rustic and recycled woods, a Hampton’s kitchen is as adaptable and individual as our customers.

Hamptons Style Elements And Designs

Traditional design details of a Hamptons kitchen include weatherboard cladding and a neutral interior. It is bright, fresh and airy – bringing a beachy, yet sophisticated feel to your home. With high ceilings, natural materials, and natural light, a classic Hamptons kitchen would appeal to anyone! After all, its goal is to make you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door!

This sort of kitchen is sought after around the world, so keep reading to find out what elements make this kitchen design so appealing.


A Hamptons look will have a clean design with simple lines, giving it an effortlessly timeless feel. A classic Hamptons kitchen style will most likely have cream or white cabinetry. Whilst these are the most popular, a light blue or grey colour palette can also bring the right sort of atmosphere into your home.

Centre Island

This is an iconic feature of the Hamptons kitchen as it provides additional space for both entertaining and dining. A centre island can draw your eye to a central area and it presents an opportunity to add some more colour to a kitchen. This can help to change up the palette from the usual white and cream. Furthermore, it presents an opportunity to incorporate more storage into your Hamptons kitchen.

Space And Light

Space and light play a big role in this kitchen style! These kitchens try to let in as much natural light as possible. They are perfect for homes with high ceilings to create a light and airy kitchen space. Also, consider large pendant lights as a fixture in your new kitchen, as this perfectly incorporates the elements of the Hamptons aesthetic into your home. Over-sized lantern lights and glass pendants, in particular, will bring you the atmosphere that you seek.

Other Elements

Flooring in a Hamptons kitchen is surprisingly flexible. Whilst a lighter floor is often the most popular option, darker flooring can produce a striking contrast that gives your kitchen a unique twist. The furniture is also very variable, but a popular choice is the inclusion of barstools. Anything from natural woven material to a more sophisticated upholstered stool will fit right into your kitchen and home. Also, consider a large farmhouse sink for a stand out feature that really makes your kitchen feel like the Hamptons. When paired with a tile splashback, you will create a truly distinctive element of design!

Design The Hamptons Style Kitchen Of Your Dreams

If you like the sound of this type of kitchen then look no further! We can help bring the Hamptons atmosphere to the comfort of your own home!

Above are some of our many examples of Traditional and Hamptons style kitchens. If you would like further information please drop in to our showroom or click on the “request a consultation” link on this page or call 9388 6667.

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