Renovation Capital Warranty


The Renovation Capital Warranty covers defects in cabinets, doors, benchtops, taps, sinks, and appliances, specifically:

  • Cabinets and doors: Includes materials and workmanship issues in cabinet frames, doors, panels, drawer fronts, legs, kicker panels, and top scribes.


The Renovation Capital Warranty is valid if:

  • You are the original purchaser with proof of purchase.
  • You adhered to our product care instructions.
  • Your products are fully paid for.
  • Installation was done by Renovation Capital-approved installers.

Warranty Periods:

Warranty duration, starting from purchase and installation date:

  • Melamine door fronts: 7 years
  • 2-Pac Polyurethane Painted Doors: 7 years
  • Vinyl or thermolaminated Doors: 7-10 years, varies by supplier
  • Cabinets: 25 years (Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  • Taps, sinks, appliances: Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Glass splashbacks: 10 years (Custom: 4 years)
  • Bathroom waterproofing: 10 years
  • Benchtops: Supplier Warranty


The warranty does not apply if:

  • Products are misused, abused, unauthorizedly modified, or improperly maintained.
  • Exposed to outdoor conditions, humidity, rapid temperature changes, or excessive heat without adequate usage or ventilation.
  • Water or moisture damage not attributable to Renovation Capital.
  • Installed in properties rented out post-purchase.

General Exclusions:

Exclusions include:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Cuts, scratches, or chipping post-delivery
  • Natural or finish imperfections in sinks and taps
  • Accidental damage or fading over time
  • Non-compliance with care instructions
  • Damage from saltwater or air exposure, rust outdoors, or chipped tiles/benchtops after installation

Claims Process:

To claim, contact our Administration during the warranty period at (08) 9388-6667 with:

  • Product and defect details
  • Proof of purchase and contract

After Claim:

Upon defect confirmation:

  • We’ll repair or replace the component, providing a similar part if the original isn’t available.
  • Renovation Capital covers repair costs.

A $150.00 call-out fee applies if we can’t access your property as scheduled. Other costs are your responsibility, barring exceptions by law or agreement. Upgrades requested will require upfront payment of the price difference, with limitations to replacements of defective parts only.

Legal Disclaimer:

Our warranties adhere to Australian Consumer Law and HIA guidelines.

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