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The Hamptons interior design style is about refined elegance, and also a sense of comfort, function, and livability. The kitchen is often a key gathering place in a home, so it makes sense that you would want it to capture all of these elements.

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Classic Style Kitchens

Polished Sophistication and Graceful Luxury: At Renovation Capital, we LOVE to show off in the kitchen. We often have friends and family over for dinner to practicing our master-chef skills. We know functionality is obviously important, but we will admit it, so are looks and there is nothing like showing off a new look that is sophisticated and adaptable.

Create A Timeless Space With A Classic Kitchen Design

Classic kitchens are characterised by a soothing palette of neutrals, pastels, creams, and whites. With such a colour scheme, your kitchen will radiate elegance and sophistication.  The lighter colours produce a warm feel that can give your kitchen a homely atmosphere, whilst still striking a balance between traditional and modern tastes. The look of classic kitchens is timeless and will never go out of style. Therefore, you can continue to enjoy your kitchen as much as the day it was put in. Also, they can be altered to suit individual tastes, ensuring every feature that you desire is in your home.

Classic kitchens have a neutral style that is very adaptable. This means that they can suit any sort of home – bringing a real sense of class into a property. Do you enjoy hosting friends and family? If so, this style of kitchen creates an ideal entertaining space. The light look can still maintain a cosy feel, whilst looking clean and crisp.

If you are seeking to revamp your kitchen, look no further! Here we have a variety of classic kitchens, each with an individual twist on the style. Take some inspiration and find what will suit you and your home best. Read on to get an idea of some basic elements of classic kitchens.

Elements Of Classic Style Kitchens

This is the Little Black Dress of kitchens. It is the centre point of design styles and ideas. It is the most varied style with a spectrum of shapes, colours and features to select from. However, it does have a cohesive theme, as the palate is often darker with stronger neutrals.

This is the style that utilises products with exotic names like Vanilla Noir! Like a Little Black Dress, this look is enduring and will stand up to changing times and changing fashion, and it has an extensive variety of options. It has at least as many as the LBD! Here are some of the main elements of this timeless kitchen style.

Simple Architectural Details

Classic kitchen designs keep things simple and classy. Whilst there is room for striking features such as legs on islands, a unique island bench, crown moulding, or a panelled hood, these are usually restrained.

Simple Kitchen Cabinets

These cupboard doors often have a cabinet style. For example, a shaker door as opposed to a raised or flat panel door, which is the usual go-to style when constructing a kitchen.


A classic kitchen is an excellent base for more obscure styles if you so wish. For example, a classic kitchen can find its own unique style by mixing in other elements. Perhaps some modern bar stools or lighting fixtures.  Classic styles can become eclectic with different elements such as vintage style tables or unique handles for your cabinets to give your kitchen a unique twist. This style of kitchen can be adapted to suit your taste.

Neutral Palettes

Whilst most classic kitchens go for a simple light palette, there is nothing to stop you implementing other colours that suit your fancy.  From stained to painted cabinetry there is always a way to inject some colour into your kitchen space. A black and white colour scheme is timeless, but neutral colours will maintain that classic style you seek.

Making Your Decision

The Classic style is the broadest category in kitchen design. The look is striking without being confrontational. It is a real executive entertainer style that will add value to your home if you ever need to sell your home. The major benefit of this style is the same as the LBD. The ability to dress it up, and down, with accessories, in a kitchen’s case appliances. A stainless steel fridge and a fire engine red toaster and coffee maker for a classic Parisian café feel or a medley of powder blue and beige and white for a bright fresh countryside feel.

Above are some of our many examples of Classic kitchen styles. Perhaps you are ready to take the plunge and begin your construction, or maybe you are just looking for some kitchen inspiration for your dream kitchen. Either way, we have the expertise and the perfect pictures to get your creative juices flowing and create your perfect kitchen.

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