1) Deposit & Drawings:
– Full 5% Deposit/Acceptance payment is required before releasing plans.
– Drawings are artistic interpretations of design appearance and layout, subject to adjustment based on job site verification.
– Dimensions, sizes, and layouts are adjustable to fit job conditions and appliances.
– Designs are Renovation Capital’s copyright, not to be copied or released without 5% payment and designer’s agreement, or a Renovation Capital order placement.

2) Deposits:
– All deposits are non-refundable.

3) Cabinets:
– Cabinets are designed for indoor use, constructed from High Moisture Resistant (HMR) 16mm Melamine Particleboard.
– Feature solid backs, bottoms, and sides.
– Come with a 25 Year Warranty.

4) Materials:
– Pre-finished Board for Square Edge Doors, Panels & scribes in 16mm/18mm from MR MDF Board. 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
– Thermolaminate/Vinyl Profiled MDF Doors, Panels & scribes in 18mm/21mm. 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
– Aluminium Framed Doors with Glass Inserts in 21mm thickness, various styles and finishes. 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
– 2 Pac Polyurethane Profiled or Flat MR MDF Doors, Panels & Scribes in 18/25/32mm thickness. 7-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

5) Edging:
– ABS/PVC Edging installed on all visible edges, color-matched to door color.
– For custom painted kitchens without matching edging, closest color or white carcass edging will be used.

6) Hinges:
– Premium Blum hardware, Blum Inserta with Integrated Soft Close.
– Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

7) Drawers:
– Blum Merivobox Drawers in various colors, featuring Integrated Blumotion (Soft-Closing) with 40+70kg capacity.
– Options include Servo Drive or Tip-On (Push To Open).
– Limited Lifetime Warranty.

8) Trades:
– All Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Structural Alteration work must be performed by licensed contractors.
– Renovation Capital can arrange quotes for required work, forming part of the contract.
– Client-supplied trades must provide certification and license proof.
– Clients are responsible for all outcomes and costs related to their organized trades, including any resulting redesign adjustments or delays.

9) Safety:
– Clients must ensure a safe environment during removal and installation, including supervision of children, adults, and pets.
– Responsible for safe storage areas and construction/installation sites.



All prices include sales tax at the appropriate rate.

1) PAYMENT. You must pay us the contract price by way of the progress payments on the final quotation. You must pay us any other amount which is payable under this contract on demand after we have carried out the work or incurred the cost.

2) COMMENCEMENT. By signing this contract, you agree that:
– You own or are otherwise entitled to have the works carried out on this site.
– You have made us aware of any easements, covenants, and encumbrances affecting the works on this site.
– You have the ability to pay the contract price.
– You have received all necessary building and planning approvals.
– Where requested, you must provide us with written evidence of the above.
If you are in breach of any of these clauses, you remain liable for the obligated payments under this contract.

3) ACCESS & USE OF FACILITIES. You must give us uninterrupted access to the site to check measure & to deliver & install the product. If we ask for access to deliver the product, & you cannot give that access within 7 days, you are in serious breach of your obligations. You must provide us, while we are at the site, with adequate access to available water, electricity, toilet & washing facilities.

4) CHECK MEASURING. We will check measure the place at the site where the product is to be installed & we may modify the plans & specifications to conform to the checked measurements. We will check measure within 10 days of when you tell us the site is ready.

5) OUR WARRANTY. We will carry out the work of making & installing the product in a proper manner. In addition to your rights under law, we warrant that our work of making & installing the product is, & that materials supplied by us are, free of defects at the time of completion of installation.
We have to fix, at our cost, defects in the work notified to us in writing within a period of 4 weeks commencing on the day that we receive a notification. However, subject to law, we do not have to fix:
– any problem caused by misuse, abuse, wear & tear or normal shrinkage or movement.
– appliances made by others; or any defect in, or problem caused by, work materials or appliances supplied by you.You must familiarise yourself with the specific conditions of use pertaining to the materials used ESPECIALLY concerning benchtops. Detailed product use & warranty information is available on request.

6) INSTALLATION CONDITIONS. During installation (where performed by us), the working areas are to be treated as a construction site. This means that no-one may enter those areas EXCEPT with the approval of our staff. The working area must be adequately vented/cooled/heated so as to assure reasonable working conditions. You indemnify us against injury claims due to unauthorized trespass in these areas. If requested by a member of staff to leave the working area, you agree to comply.

7) SNAGGING. Due to the custom nature of the product, issues requiring fixing may arise (called SNAGGING). We will use our best endeavors to fix said issues in a reasonable time. However, it is usually not possible to remanufacture items within a period of less than 10 working days so a return visit will not generally be made in less than this time.

8) DELIVERY & COMPLETION DELAYS. We are not responsible for any delays and/or consequential issues caused by something beyond our control. Including but not limited to supplier delays, failure by you to complete product selection, failure by you to have the site ready for installation, trades issues, force Majeure (sickness, pandemics, fire, flood etc).
We will endeavour to keep the project on track wherever possible but the delivery & installation dates on the contract may be put back on whatever time is reasonable if there is such a delay. The contract price will be maintained for a maximum period of 6 months from the date the deposit was placed. If delivery is required after this date, we reserve the right to adjust the contract value to cater for changes in materials and labour costs. We will advise you in a timely manner should this be necessary.
We will use our best endeavors to ensure that installation work by us is completed in a timely manner. However, due to the custom nature of the product, delays in completion may be unavoidable (see SNAGGING above).

9) COMPENSATION. You agree not to request compensation for reasonable delays in completion. Where there have been additional expenses (e.g., plumbing) due to issues that may be of our causing, we will cover a reasonable cost for the trades concerned. If, for any reason, we have to reduce or increase the size of a cabinet or cabinets, we will only pay compensation where a reduction in size is greater than 10% of the cabinet volume. The amount of compensation will be limited to the difference in price between the cabinet(s) originally supplied and the re-manufactured cabinet(s). Note that due to the fact that we oversize some cabinets without charging an excess, this means that compensation for a reduction may not be applicable.

10) ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE. You agree not to request compensation for minor damage to ceilings and walls caused by the installation of our product. Such damage is generally unavoidable and must be considered an unavoidable risk when new cabinetry is to be installed.

11) OUR RIGHT TO FIX. If at any time you claim the product is defective, you must tell us by written notice, as soon as possible. We are only required to fix defects for which Clause 4 makes us responsible. If we accept responsibility, we have the right to fix the defect but must do so within 28 days (subject to materials availability). You must offer us reasonable access to allow us to fix said defects. Reasonable access is defined as access during the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding Public holidays. You agree not to request compensation for loss of wages due to giving us reasonable access.

12) COLOUR VARIATION. It is important you note that the color & (if relevant) grain of materials can vary. We will use our best efforts to match the color or grain of the product to any sample selected or provided by you, but we have no liability if they are different.

– These conditions, plans, and specifications comprise the entire contract, subject to law.

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