Modern Contemporary Kitchens

Fresh, Stylish and Innovative with Verve and Individual Style. Modern contemporary design is innovative and progressive. It encompasses a wide range of colour, moods and feels. From feature splash-backs, patterned tiles, and new ways of using traditional and/or commercial materials. Modern Contemporary is about pushing the envelope and stretching the imagination; picking a bold feature or paring it back to minimalist perfection. The only limits are your imagination.

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Modern Kitchens vs. Contemporary Kitchens

The difference between modern kitchens and contemporary kitchens is the design style. While modern kitchens refer to a specific design movement at a specific time (namely the early 20th century), contemporary kitchens refer to the use of current trends and styles.

A modern kitchen will generally stick to the rule of “clean lines, simple design”, while a contemporary kitchen strays a little bit more from the rules. Contemporary design will incorporate what is on-trend and in style most recently. Modern kitchens, however, are more likely to stick to the characteristics detailed on this page.

This does not mean that you need to choose just one, though! You can have a modern kitchen with contemporary concepts, too. For example, just because you have chosen a style that originates in the 20th century doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the benefits that technological advancements and changes in kitchen concepts have to offer.

It all depends on you, and both the design and aesthetic you wish to achieve.

Key features

Modern Contemporary Kitchens

Using manufactured stone, oversize tiles, a range of domestic and industrial metals, glass and smooth clear white surfaces, through to electric and highlighter colours.

Clean lines and clean surfaces, Modern Contemporary design is about shape, texture colour and the highest quality of materials and finish. There are no hiding mistakes and no room for careless work. Perfect finishes and precision engineering are the hallmarks of this style. Sleek and stylish, this kitchen can fit in well with any home! When it comes to modern kitchens, Australia is the place to be. Let’s talk about what makes a modern kitchen and some classic elements that they encompass.

The Benefits of Having a Modern Kitchen

The two main benefits of installing or updating to a modern kitchen are technology and design. While new technologies and appliances increase accessibility and ease of use, modern kitchen design is upping the game when it comes to new concepts and efficiency. Keep reading to find out more about these two great benefits!

Technological advancements and new appliances

You’d be doing yourself a disservice having a modern kitchen without modern technologies and appliances! These advancements really help to increase accessibility and ease of use in the kitchen workspace. They also bring a certain element of entertainment to your space – not to mention being something your visitors will envy.

From motion sensor lights to built-in coffee machines, new appliances can make you feel a lot more comfortable and at home in your new modern kitchen. It also increases the resale value substantially! What’s more, this kind of technology is in step with new kitchen design customs which place emphasis on multi-functionality in this space.

While traditional kitchens are designed in a way that places the emphasis on cooking and cleaning, new designs have seen the kitchen expanding to become a more versatile space.

Updating your technologies and appliances can truly transform your kitchen into anything you want it to be. A place not only to cook and clean in, but to work, entertain, and dine in too.

New designs and concepts

Modern kitchen design is, of course, influenced by new concepts and software that really aid in transforming your kitchen into something fresh, new, and exciting. Modern kitchens tend to be built and designed with a purpose, or several purposes, in mind.

Efficiency is one of these purposes. Modern kitchen designs make efficient use of space, storage, and setup. For example, the modern kitchen island encompasses all three of these aspects: it creates a work triangle, it provides storage space, and it can be a great transition piece between the kitchen and lounge area.

Modern designs bring new concepts to the table, too. These can improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. For example, you may want to design your own feature splashback or textured cabinets – an option that is readily available in the world of modern kitchen design.

Now, more than ever, we are given the option to tailor our kitchens to our specific needs, preferences, and personalisations.

Must-Have Features for Modern Kitchens

There are loads of different features that you may come across when designing your modern dream kitchen. Here, we’ll talk about a few that we feel are must-haves!

Multifunctional kitchen island

A kitchen island is certainly something that encompasses everything that a modern kitchen is all about. It boasts style, storage, seating, space, and more! These handy and beautiful kitchen pieces are a must-have if you are looking for efficient design and aesthetics to go hand in hand.

Pull-out pantry

A pull-out kitchen pantry is a great way to optimise on your storage capacity. Innovative, modern, and easy to access – this kind of pantry has it all! Not only does it allow for you to easily view everything you have stocked up, but it also uses space in a clever way. For example, you can make use of the narrower area between your cabinets and fridge, and build a pull-out pantry here.

Coffee bar

Coffee is a must-have in most households. So, why not dedicate some space for your coffee? You can have a pull-out coffee bar, a coffee nook, or an entire section of your kitchen dedicated to your morning cup of joe! To up the modern feel and design, you can also opt for built-in coffee machines. This is a great example of the accessibility and ease-of-use that modern kitchens boast, all with your own contemporary twist!

Built-in appliances

This brings us to built-in appliances in general. These are a great addition to a modern kitchen because they help you to optimise on space and to enjoy everything that new advances in technology have to offer. What’s more, something like a built-in oven and cooktop can also increase the resale value of your home – after all, don’t we all look straight to the kitchen when weighing up the pros and cons of a new home?

Well-lit cabinets and workspaces

Lighting is an extremely important part of the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Whether it’s making use of natural lighting or investing in some motion-sensing lights, you can always put a modern twist on things. You could install a stylish and modern bay window, or you could hang stylish pendant lights over your kitchen island.

Enclosed trash and recycling

Of course, no one wants to look at their trash cans! So, an enclosed area such as a drawer or a cupboard is a great idea for storing your trash can and recycling bins. There are great ways to achieve this in a modern kitchen design: you can store your trash can behind a flat-panel door or in a frameless pull-out cabinet. The choice is yours.

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