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Add value, luxury, and function to your home with a renovation or home extension. Renovation Capital has over 150 years of combined experience renovating kitchens, bathrooms, and entire homes. Our custom-tailored home renovation designs will add more value to the home you already love.

Transform Your Living Space With a Professional Home Renovation

Besides significantly increasing the quality of your life, home improvements, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry renovations, affect more than the sales value of your home — they improve the quality of your everyday life.

Renovation Capital is a home renovation company based in Perth with over 150 years of combined experience crafting custom-tailored designs and renovating and adapting existing kitchens and bathrooms.

We understand that home renovations and improvements can be a daunting experience for homeowners. That’s why our dedicated renovation specialists, master builders, and tradespeople combine years of experience and workmanship to ensure that the end result lives up to and exceeds your expectations.

Our dedicated team of home renovation experts will guide you through the renovation process. Your home renovation will be completed within a designated time frame, avoiding costly errors and ensuring long-lasting results. In contrast, our team of design professionals ensures that the interior design of your living space and its much-needed modifications are visually appealing.

Key Considerations for Your Home Renovation

The most important aspects of your home renovation are functionality and accessibility, followed by the layout and design aesthetics.


Functionality and accessibility are crucial in a kitchen setting, and figuring out where plumbing and electrical outlets would be ideally located has to be considered before considering the rest of the layout and furnishing.

For a flawlessly functional and accessible kitchen, all the appliances and cabinets must complement each other without interfering with each other’s operation while also enabling you to move around in comfort and with ease.

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Functionality is followed by layout design, and depending on the space our team has to work with, the layout design is often adjusted to match the customer’s vision and make the most of the available space. Of course, we still have to be realistic about the space’s volume, but there are tricks to make smaller spaces feel bigger and bigger spaces fuller and livelier.


You shouldn’t have to choose form over function or function over form. While functionality and effective space management are crucial, Renovation Capital can help your space attain both form and function in equal measures.

However, for that to happen, all the kitchen elements have to be taken into account in conjunction with previous factors to ensure that your kitchen is exquisitely designed while being flawlessly functional.

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Small Style Kitchens

Your needs can be met by a small cooking space if your kitchen is designed properly, meaning that its layout and appliances must be well-coordinated. With every small kitchen design, every component has to be planned out if the space is to retain its functionality.

The exacting standards of compact kitchen design need a longer design process because of the necessity for accuracy. However, careful and meticulous planning also means employing a longer planning and execution period.

Featured Home Extension & Home Renovation Projects

Renovation Capital specialises in kitchen renovations, but those aren’t the only projects we specialise in. We also do bathroom renovations; oftentimes, a new bathroom and a new kitchen significantly increase the aesthetics and market value of a home.

We are a building company, and as such, we offer other building services as well, like modifying the space of your dream home, including kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, studies, and entertainment space to be more appealing to you, your family, and guests, while also accessible to people with disabilities.

So, if you’re looking for a Perth home renovation company to manage your home renovations, contact Renovation Capital and get a free quote or schedule a design consultation. Our whole processes and superior project management skills make every renovation project runs smoothly and without a hitch. You can learn more about some of our featured projects below:

Classic Kitchen

The classic kitchen is the little black dress of kitchens — a forever timeless and adaptable design. However, in contrast to the dress, traditional kitchens are distinguished by a soothing colour palette consisting of neutrals, creams, and whites that are combined in a way that exudes elegance and sophistication. While there is an opportunity for eye-catching elements like island benches with unusual designs, crown moulding, or paneled hoods, these are typically restrained.

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Hamptons Style Kitchen

The phrase “the devil is in the details” most certainly applies to bathrooms and kitchens, and Hamptons-style kitchens are no exception — it’s the details that make a traditional kitchen. This type of design is usually found in heritage homes, but in recent years, it has also been appearing in newly constructed homes at an increasing rate. Neutral colours and time-tested architecture are used in traditional design, which is what actually drives customers to this appearance.

Modern Contemporary Kitchens

Modern kitchen design mostly utilises man-made stone, large tiles, a variety of alloys, industrial metals, glass, and smooth, bright white surfaces — though we highly encourage customers to play around with colours and patterns. Shape, texture, colour, and the highest quality materials and finishes are the focus of the modern and functional design, which also features clean lines and smooth surfaces. Of course, having a modern kitchen without modern appliances and the latest technology would significantly improve the kitchen workspace’s usability and accessibility.

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Small Kitchens

With correct advice and a well-thought-out design, you could be able to make the most of your small kitchen without having to downsize or feel cramped every time you’re making breakfast. Our designers at Renovation Capital take pleasure in the challenge of creating kitchens for apartments that have a restricted amount of space, and they are experts at making the most of any space that is limited in some way. Functionality is the priority when dealing with constricted space or course. There’s no reason, however, why functionality can’t also be beautiful.

Our Professional Renovation Services

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Renovation Capital offers high-quality, personalised renovations of your bathroom, entertainment room, and several other segments of your home. Here’s the breakdown of our renovation services:

Disabled-Friendly Bathroom Design

There are innumerable unique criteria to take into account when building, modifying, or renovating a bathroom for the disabled. Knowing what to include and how to organise everything to make access as simple and straightforward as possible for those with impairments or mobility issues can be challenging since you mustn’t lose sight of convenience and safety. This mostly includes increased accessibility to various plumbing fixtures, as well as the appropriate bathroom design.

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Custom Cabinets

Simply replacing your old cabinets with new ones can completely transform the atmosphere of your kitchen and bathroom. The result will be a luxuriously appointed bathroom, a brighter and airier kitchen, and a warmer and more inviting laundry room. Our custom cabinet makers are available to provide assistance with the installation of the cabinets that are best suited for your space.


Ensuites are actually private bathrooms adjacent to a particular room, usually a bedroom. We can assist you in turning your vision for your ideal bathroom into a reality, whether you want a contemporary bathroom aesthetic, a modern black and white bathroom style, or are searching for ways to maximise the space in your small bathroom. The options are endless, ranging from custom wall tiles, sinks, and cupboards to modern fixtures and opulent marble, breathing in new life to your renewed space.

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Custom Entertainment Units

Having a custom entertainment unit in your dream home is more than just functionality since a well-designed unit equipped with adequate furniture might help tie everything together. Renovation Capital offers assistance with designing the perfect unit for your room, whether you want something open so you can show off your speakers and gadgets or closed-off cabinets to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Laundry Rooms

When it comes to laundry room designs, you want a space that you can use for many years to come. It must be practical and functional; however, this does not preclude the possibility that it could also be appealing to the eye. By suggesting a few minor adjustments, Renovation Capital can help you design the ideal laundry room for your house regardless of whether you want a lot of counter space, all-white cabinetry, or space for a washer and a dryer.

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Studies and Home Offices

At Renovation Capital, we want to make the entire process of study renovations as simple for you as we can. We are aware that if you work from home, you probably spend a lot of time in your study or home office. We are aware of this fact, and for this reason, it is critical that your home study meets all of your standards and requirements. That’s why we take pride in hiring only the most skilled designers and certified professionals and are committed to creating a workspace that you will enjoy.


Walk-in closets are the ultimate luxury, as they allow you to easily see your clothing and other items. Renovation Capital offers fully custom-built walk-in wardrobes that would satisfy your every clothing storage need, like storing all of your clothing, suits, shoes, linens, household goods, and other desired home items. Luckily, our experienced design team can also produce luxuriously-looking wardrobes to meet any specifications, thanks to their significant industry knowledge.

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Disabled-Friendly Kitchens

Benchtops and other surfaces often rest at the height of around a meter. The normal, able-bodied user can usually manage at this height; however, people in a wheelchair usually can’t. These heights tend to be troublesome for the impaired, which is why the benchtops should lay much lower in a wheelchair-friendly kitchen designed for people with disabilities, while the space underneath ought to have room, rather than cabinets, making it easier for those in a wheelchair to move around, and approach the work surfaces with ease.

What clients think of our Home Improvements & Renovations

We at Renovation Capital strive to provide the best possible service, from the planning stage to the finishing touches. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

“Shelley provides an exceptional level of service and is a very talented designer who is equally focused on the aesthetics and the functionality of the spaces she designs. We would highly recommend Shelley and Renovation Capital to anyone who wants a beautiful and highly practical kitchen.” — said Claire Sweeney, a 5-star review


“Nicole designed a gorgeous kitchen which exceeded my expectations. All of the tradesmen were professional and highly skilled. It’s been four months since my renovation and I’m still in love with my kitchen.” — Karen Waring, a 5-star review


“From our initial consultation until the last tradie walked out the door on the final day, we experienced nothing but high quality and professional support. Most importantly, we’re very pleased with the result.” — Ken Charsinksy, a 5-star review

Our Renovation Company Manages All Suburbs Of Perth

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, has more than 350 suburbs, and our teams of building professionals, home renovation builders, and interior designers will go anywhere they’re needed, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Attadale
  • Applecross
  • Claremont
  • Cottesloe
  • Dalkeith
  • Mosman Park
  • Mt Lawley
  • Menora
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