Kitchen Showrooms in Perth

Kitchen showrooms are the best place to design your dream kitchen and start your kitchen renovation, as they offer a more comprehensive experience. Don’t hesitate to contact Renovation Capital and visit one of our kitchen showrooms, where you’ll be greeted by our experienced kitchen designers, who will gladly offer any design consultation to help you with your new kitchen design. 

Visit Our Modern and Traditional Kitchen Showrooms

Visiting a showroom when designing a bespoke luxury kitchen is imperative since all high-end items and finishes are displayed, along with several different working kitchens, each showcasing a distinct style.

All the high-quality benchtops, innovative cabinetry, and joinery of the highest craftsmanship are all available to touch, feel, and test. These are primarily intended to provide inspiration when designing your beautiful kitchen and streamline the entire process.

We have a single showroom location showcasing four high-quality kitchen types, and several other remodel projects we worked on.

We’re located at 12 Hutton Street, Osborne Park, 6017

Classic Style Kitchen

Classic kitchens feature a versatile, neutral aesthetic. They may therefore fit any kind of home and add a genuine air of class to a place. It’s also quite good for entertaining your guests, and its light appearance can nevertheless be sharp and clean while maintaining a cosy atmosphere.

At our showroom, you can discover what would work best for you and your house by taking some inspiration, and our interior designers will help you incorporate your ideas into the best kitchen design.

Luxury Kitchen With Marble Benchtops And Wooden Floor
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Hampton Style Kitchen

The Hamptons interior design aesthetic focuses on elegance as well as comfort, utility, and livability. It only seems natural that you would want the kitchen to incorporate all of these characteristics since it is frequently a central meeting space in a home. A kitchen designed in the Hamptons is often built for entertaining and is ideal for a summer celebration!

The additional design utilises timeless patterns and subtle hues. This does not preclude experimenting with the layout, colour, and feel of the design. You can draw a lot of inspiration for your own kitchen by visiting our kitchen showroom today.

Modern Style Kitchens

Australia is the place to be for contemporary kitchens whose design is about shape, texture, colour, and the best materials and finishes, featuring clean lines and smooth surfaces. There is no tolerance for shoddy workmanship or for covering faults. The defining characteristics of this style are flawless finishing and precise engineering.

This kitchen is sleek and fashionable and would look great in any house since they’ve transcended the cooking and cleaning emphasis of the traditional kitchens and became more of a multipurpose room.

Kc Footekitchen 004 Small
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Small Style Kitchens

Your needs can be met by a small cooking space if your kitchen is designed properly, meaning that its layout and appliances must be well-coordinated. With every small kitchen design, every component has to be planned out if the space is to retain its functionality.

The exacting standards of compact kitchen design need a longer design process because of the necessity for accuracy. However, careful and meticulous planning also means employing a longer planning and execution period.

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Our staff will always ensure that you’re able to offer help and provide our customers with knowledge and a fantastic customer experience.

You can visit our showroom at 12 Hutton Street, Osborne Park, 6017 or book an appointment by calling 08 9388 6667.

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