Does Your Kitchen Need A Scullery? Benefits And Design Considerations

Kitchen Scullery With Sink And Wooden Shelf

A scullery is a delightful add-on to your main kitchen. It’s the place you can keep a washing-up sink, and acts as the room for food preparation and mess-making. It’s also the perfect storage space for food and small appliances.

Everyone knows that the beloved main kitchen is the heart of the home for family and friends alike. So, you want it to look beautiful, clean and organized at all times. A scullery allows you to do just as it provides a nifty area to do all your washing up in!

Similar to a butler’s pantry, a kitchen scullery can be one of the best home additions. This nifty room can give you a little extra bench space, and you can use it as a dedicated storage zone for any cleaning products, tableware and linens, dishes and utensils and more! Let’s chat about the benefits of having a scullery or butler’s pantry and the factors you need to consider before building one.

Benefits Of Having A Scullery

First, let’s explain the difference between pantries and sculleries. Pantries are more about storing food, while sculleries provide an area for washing up and storing all your dining items. A butler’s pantry, on the other hand, is generally more for storage (as opposed to washing up) and provides a preparation area.

But, you can design and use this room as you please! The best part of having a kitchen scullery is how flexible it can be. Whether you’re looking for a functional space, with a sink and a laundry section, or a mini kitchen designed for a mess, the scullery can do it all.

Here are some of the top benefits of having a scullery.

Extra space

Are you going through a home renovation and noticing that the kitchen’s floor plan is looking a bit tight? Adding a scullery to your kitchen can expand not only the size but the capacity of the kitchen. If you’re thinking about starting a family, or if you already have one, the extra cooking space will be much appreciated!

The butler’s pantry offers a little safe haven for food preparation for the family. If there are a couple of people in the home that love to drift through the kitchen, this can be useful. The extra space means that you could also fit some laundry items in there too. So, you won’t have to clog up another part of your living area.

Keep your kitchen clutter-free

If you have a lot of ‘stuff’ in your kitchen, you might be craving an extra place to stash it all in your home! Some things, such as collectors spoons or special teacups, you might want to display as kitchen accessories.

However, if you collect gadgets, linen and china, displaying them all may clutter your main kitchen. Adding a butler’s pantry into the mix will allow you to delve into your collecting while keeping your house neat. Pastry brushes, pot holders, dishes and other less-used kitchen utensils can also be ferreted away in sculleries.

Scullery Used For Food Prep

Separate cooking

If you live with someone and you both love to cook, having two separate cooking spaces can be a dream come true. Or, if you have separate dietary requirements, having your own storage area is a good idea as you’ll easily be able to find your food items.

For those who love to experiment with your meals, which can get a little messy, having a scullery is ideal. You can cook to your heart’s content without making a gigantic mess in the main kitchen.

Get creative with the colour scheme

Although you might want to stick to the colour scheme of the house, you also have the freedom to be more creative in the butler’s pantry.

Be daring! Not many people will see this part of your home design, so you can make it as creative or low-key as you like.

Factors To Consider When Designing The Scullery

When designing a scullery, you need to assess your needs and wants. Are you in need of a space for linen, or do you just need more space for storing some long-life food items? Is there a difference in the type of storage space you want?

Your needs will determine what you use the scullery for. Gather up all of the relevant information and keep it close for the kitchen designer when you do your next home renovation.

For now, let’s go over 4 factors to consider when designing a kitchen scullery.

What do you want to put in your scullery?

Before deciding what to put in your scullery, look at how much space you actually have available. If you have very limited space, make a list of the features you want and rank them. This will help you decide if you really need that walk-in pantry!

Food storage is a priority

Storing food is one of the best things to include in your scullery space. You can use open shelves to easily store and find frequently-used items. Getting the most out of storage potential in this room will mean that you have plenty of space to stack all of your delicious goodies.

Add in a sink and a mess area

Having a mess area only really makes sense if you have a sink right there. Food preparation goes hand-in-hand with keeping things clean! This way, you can hide dirty dishes and food prep from guests. Consider slotting in a good-quality dishwasher to take a load off your shoulders.

Choose your materials wisely

You can have quality and budget-friendly materials at the same time. Consider using benchtop material options that are good quality but less expensive – such as laminate. If your scullery is hidden, it makes sense not to break the budget on this one.

Kitchen Sink With Wood-Style Benchtop

A Top Quality Scullery

If you have a large kitchen, or some extra space next to it to spare, then a scullery might be the perfect thing for you. It can provide an out-of-the-way area for all your washing up or food prep so that you can keep your kitchen looking spick and span at all times!

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