Nicole Walton

Kitchen and Bathroom Designer, KBDI Member

Nicole enjoys keeping up with the latest in materials and trends to help her clients create personal, yet timeless spaces. Whether they be modern or traditional in style, user friendly is key to a highly functional kitchen.

Nicole Walton is a qualified interior designer with 15 years of experience in kitchen design and a focus on great design and customer service, as well as a member of the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute.

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Nicole is a kitchen design specialist but also designs other built-in furniture around the home such as studies, wall units, wardrobes and outdoor kitchens.

“The thing I love most about being a kitchen designer is that no two spaces are ever exactly the same, and usually every client has their own personal wants and personality to add to the design process which makes every kitchen interesting and unique.”

Nicole is passionate about combining functional storage solutions with creative aesthetics to make any kitchen easy and practical to work in as well as tailored to a client’s style and budget. She is knowledgeable on the latest materials and trends and has fantastic creative vision for any style from modern minimalist to detailed provincial kitchens.

From an initial consultation in your home to measure and discuss your requirements, the kitchen of your dreams is then carefully designed and quoted before a showroom meeting where she would present the design and run through finishes, products and design features in detail.

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