8 Beautiful Kitchen Cupboard Colours For Your New Space

Kitchen Cupboard Colours White Kitchen Cupboards

Your kitchen cupboard colours should lift the room and suit the general atmosphere of the home. Adding a dash of colour to any kitchen is well worth the effort! However, you might want to keep your kitchen looking modern with more neutral colours and accents.

For modern, country-style or Hamptons, kitchen cabinet colours are a great way to tie the kitchen space together. Luckily, there are many great options out there. In a sea of so many choices of kitchen colour schemes, it might be good to know some timeless colours to ensure that your kitchen is always looking top-notch.

We’ve compiled some of the most beautiful and elegant kitchen cupboard colours to try out. If you’re looking to upscale your favourite room in the house – consider the below. You certainly won’t regret having a fantastic colour scheme!

The Best Kitchen Cupboard Colours To Spruce Up Your Kitchen

A Classic White Kitchen

The base theme for a Hamptons style kitchen is predominantly white. From there, you can choose to accentuate carefully chosen parts of your kitchen – such as with a tiled splashback with subway tiles, or even a dark wood floor. But, white is the main focus of the room.

For a fantastic finish, complete the look of your room with stunning glass from a Perth glazier. A good idea is to look for visual inspiration on how to include colour tastefully. Feel free to check out Hampton’s style kitchen examples online (there are many on Renovation Capital’s website) for visual inspiration on how to include colour tastefully.

A white kitchen colour scheme is a classic look that will never go out of style.

Greens And Blues

Set an ocean colour scene in your kitchen with muted pastel-toned doors. Duck-egg blue and pale green are beautiful colours that can be incorporated well within many kitchen styles to perk up the theme if you prefer a pop of colour in your rooms.

When using colour in your kitchen, make sure it’s utilised sparingly and with a thought towards its placement. If you choose to accent your kitchen cabinet doors, keep everything else in white monotone to ensure you achieve the look.

Glass Cabinetry

Glass-framed cabinet doors are a beautiful addition to kitchens – so long as your crockery inside also matches the space! Go a step further by using open shelves in the room too, to display only your best glassware and ornaments.

The wooden cupboard frames can be painted, or kept natural. It really depends on the type of kitchen style you’re looking for!

Glass accents can go well with all sorts of kitchen colour schemes, so you can really play around with different aesthetics while keeping it classy with that glassy finish. Frosted glass and stainless steel work especially well together. So, if your appliances and cabinet handles have stainless steel finishes, then glass kitchen cabinets are a no brainer.


Dark Wood Kitchen Cupboard Colours

All-white kitchens offset with dark wood accents look stunning – if done right. Use dark wood floors, a dark wood kitchen island completed with a white benchtop, or dark wood cabinets – pick one of these options, and only one.

Make sure to use the colours artfully – as they can overpower some styles of kitchens. Dark wood looks much more expensive and is a much better background to highlight a white kitchen theme if that is the scheme you’re looking for.


Marble-look engineered stone has been the choice material for the sophisticated kitchen renovation for the past few years and has been incorporated into both Hamptons style and modern kitchen frameworks for use as benchtops and splashbacks. Choose your marble in white, or a light grey tone to accentuate the kitchen colours.

Marble just has that luxurious look that will make your house beautiful! It can work great with multiple different styles and add that extra elegant touch. If you have a kitchen island with a marble countertop, consider hanging some simple pendant lights above it to bring the room together.

Pair marble with more neutral colours for your kitchen cabinets and you will end up with a sophisticated, timeless space.

Blue And Yellow Kitchen Cupboard Colours

We know – this one could sound a little bit far fetched. However – done right? This kitchen colour scheme is a sure win. Think about pale yellows for the cabinetry – and we mean very pale. Although bright pops of colour can sure add some excitement, this isn’t the time.

The pale yellow can be beautifully accented by pale blue cupboards and brought out by pale greens on the wall. This is almost an ocean colour scheme, with pale yellow as the hero of the kitchen. This could work well with a more rustic, country-style, with lots of open shelving and light wood notes.


White definitely adds a touch of sophistication to a kitchen, but grey adds a sleek and modern feel. If you have a kitchen with a white colour scheme, grey will be able to bring emphasis to the hero colour.

Using dark grey for your kitchen cabinets can make adding finishes easy, as it works with most of them quite flawlessly. Think about dark grey notes working with stainless steel, brass hardware, bronze and even black! This look is definitely neat, and clean-cut.

We would also suggest bringing this dark grey in to complement stone countertops. These could easily be marble or even quartz.

Off-White Kitchen Cupboard Colours

We’ve seen a lot of white being noted as a theme throughout this article. However, off-white is a fantastic theme as well. This is a beautiful colour for kitchens!

Pure white can sometimes look a bit too clean and surgical (when it isn’t done justice in the design, that is). Off-white takes some of the pressure off whilst still adding a light and airy feel to the room.

Off-white is very versatile and neutral. This makes it easy to pair with bright pops of colour and natural accents to the kitchen features. One recommendation for off-white cabinets is to make use of satin finish. However, if you’re looking for a high gloss effect or a more hand-painted look, use a semi-gloss finish.


Choose The Best Kitchen Colour Scheme

Custom cabinets are a fantastic way to bring some colours into your kitchen or bring the whole look together.

If you need some help choosing these elegant finishing touches for your space, contact Renovation Capital today for a consultation. No matter what style you’re going for, we can make your dream kitchen come to life!

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