Kitchen Renovation Checklist: Your Complete Kitchen Remodel Plan

kitchen renovation checklist

Renovating your kitchen without a checklist is a recipe for disaster. After all, kitchen renovation projects have so many moving parts. Having a checklist helps ensure your project stays on budget and schedule.

The big question is, how and where do you start with your kitchen renovation checklist?

Also, what items should you include when breaking your budget, and what points should you consider for your design and layout plan?

In this guide, we will cover the points above (and then some) so you can put together a comprehensive checklist for your kitchen renovation project.

What to include in your kitchen renovation checklist

The scope, complexity, and size of your kitchen renovation project will influence the items to be included in your checklist.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all check homeowners can use.

Nevertheless, you can begin by reviewing the items in this guide and selecting those pertinent to your project.

Budget breakdown

Use the categories below to break down your budget.

  • Costs of hiring tradies for demolition, installation, plumbing, painting, and electrical work
  • Materials such as splashbacks, floor coverings, tiles, and bench tops
  • New appliances, including cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers
  • Design and planning fees covering the initial consultation, project management services, and design drawings
  • Permits and approval costs required for your kitchen renovation project
  • Delivery fees for appliances and materials
  • Contingency fund (usually around ten to 15% of your total budget) for unforeseen issues or unexpected expenses that can come up during your renovation 

Breaking down your budget assists in prioritising and allocating your funds efficiently, ensuring your project is completed without exceeding the budget.

Another prudent approach regarding budgeting and managing the financial aspect of your renovation involves exploring financing options. This allows you to distribute your renovation costs across several months, ideally without interest.

Renovation Capital partners with Humm90 and provides a 0% finance option

Working with Renovation Capital allows you to avoid paying interest while enjoying the benefits of Humm90’s payment options.

My reno was a Kitchen remodel including some building work. Every trade involved, from the kitchen designer, builders, cabinet and bench top makers, flooring guys and painter arrived on time, acted professionally, and delivered exactly what was promised. 

Stephen McGonigle (Read full review)

Kitchen design and layout plan

Give careful consideration to your kitchen design and layout plan. The placement of cabinets, ventilation, tables, and chairs significantly influences the complexity of your renovation project.

To better conceptualise or envision your ideal kitchen, draw inspiration from kitchen trends and styles. You can learn and incorporate ideas from classic, modern, and small kitchen designs to refine your vision.

Also, map out the placement of your storage solutions, appliances, and bench spaces to best suit your needs while maximising the available space. 

Include these other important factors in your kitchen planning and design checklist:

  • Light fitting designs include task or ambient lighting or a combination of both, chandeliers, pendant lights, sconces, under-cabinet lights, tracked lighting, and recessed lights. 
  • Ventilation such as range hoods and exhaust fans.
  • Windows and doors or doorways.
  • Seating, such as stools or ottomans, window seats, breakfast bars, kitchen island benches, fold-down tables, dining nooks, trolleys or bar carts, and built-in bench seating. 
  • Aesthetic elements, including materials, finishes, and other design details
  • Safety features such as rounded benchtop edges and slip-resistant flooring materials.  
  • Electrical and plumbing considerations, such as where to place switches, electrical outlets, faucets, sinks, and dishwashers.
  • Accessibility features such as ramps for wheelchair-friendly kitchens.

For example, the kitchen design below places two sinks strategically for seamless access and use.  

Renovation Capital has completed my kitchen and it looks sensational! Designer Nicole listened to my needs and created a beautiful, practical design that works perfectly. I can’t recommend her enough! Quality of workmanship is high and the project was completed in a timely manner. – Karen Firth

stainless steel kitchen sink

Construction Materials

Take the time to specify the necessary materials in your kitchen renovation checklist to ensure a smooth and efficient project execution.

Break down your materials into categories, such as the following. 

Floor coverings

List the type of flooring materials and other necessary items, whether it is:

  • Vinyl
  • Wood laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Limestone
  • Finished concrete
  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Tile

For example, the photo below shows a more neutral kitchen design with beige-coloured tile flooring. 

Specifying the type of floor coverings you need is crucial, as the materials and installation can impact your budget. 

hamptons style island kitchen

Kitchen cupboards 

Include the kitchen cupboards or cabinets in your checklist. 

Determine whether you want to get new cabinets or salvage your old ones to be more practical and save money. 

Specify the types of kitchen cabinets you want, including:

  • Wall cupboards
  • Base cabinets
  • Tall cabinets or pantries
  • Corner cupboards
  • Drawer cabinets
  • Open shelving
  • Glass-front cupboards
  • Custom cabinets

For instance, the kitchen cabinets below include a space for the refrigerator, making the design more seamless and practical. 

Choose the best cabinet designs with this Guide to Kitchen Cupboard Doors.

kitchen cupboard with doors open

Kitchen Benchtops

Include the specific benchtop material in your kitchen remodelling checklist, whether it is:

  • Marble
  • Wood or butcher block
  • Granite
  • Engineered quartz
  • Stainless steel
  • Finished concrete
  • Sandstone
  • Ceramic tile

The costs of benchtops can vary based on their material and the complexity of building and installing them, so it’s essential to add the specific type to your checklist. 

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances come in various styles, functionalities, and finishes. 

Include the types of appliances you need in your project’s checklist, such as:

  • Ovens, whether freestanding or built-in wall ovens and electric, gas, or dual-fuel types.
  • Dishwashers, including the available space. For instance, if you have a small kitchen, ensure enough space to open your dishwasher and a benchtop space to place everything when loading and unloading dishes and cookware.
  • Range hoods or canopies that best fit the size of your cooktop. 
  • Refrigerators, including their sizes.  
  • Cooktops can be induction, electric, or gas. Consider the number of hotplates or burners.  

The built-in induction cooktop below is a classic example. 

induction cooktop in island kitchen

Installation materials

Don’t forget to include the materials for installation in your kitchen renovation checklist, such as:

  • Tile cement or glue
  • Plasterboard installation supplies
  • Gap filler or sealant
  • Ceiling coating or finish
  • Plumbing fittings or hardware
  • Window and door architraves
  • Quiet-close hinges for cupboards and storage
  • Adjustable light switches 
  • Touch on and off faucets
  • Walk-in pantries 
  • Rubbish compactor

Also, consider if adding a small room for food prep is worth the kitchen scullery benefits since you need to include this in your checklist, design, and budget. 

Other important considerations

Your kitchen renovation checklist should also include:

  • Names and contact information of suppliers
  • Project managers
  • Designers
  • Kitchen renovation companies in Perth
  • Tradies or trade professionals

I have no hesitation recommending Renovation Capital. Emma has been fantastic in making my long awaited kitchen renovation become a reality. Callum (Project Manager) and all the subcontracted trades have been a pleasure to work with too. – Linda Crew

Start your kitchen renovation now

Attention to detail and careful planning are crucial to a successful renovation project, so start your project with an exhaustive kitchen renovation checklist. 

Kitchen renovations are a huge undertaking, but working with one of the top renovation companies in Perth can make the process hassle-free. Renovation Capital is a leading home renovation company. Book a consultation today to take the first step toward achieving the kitchen of your dreams.

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