The Pros And Cons Of Flat-Pack Kitchen Cupboards

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If you’re giving your kitchen space a facelift, you’re definitely going to consider flat-pack kitchen cupboards at some point. Cabinet makers are fantastic. But, if you’re working with a time limit or a budget, flat-pack kitchen cupboards are that ready-to-go, affordable option.

There are pros and cons to choosing flat-pack kitchen cupboards. We’re going to talk about the good and the bad so that you can make the best choice of kitchen cupboard for your space!

The Perks of having Flat-Pack Kitchen Cupboards in Australia

It works with your budget plan

IF you choose to install flat-pack kitchen cupboards, you’ll definitely save on costs. The purchase will be cheaper and the assembly of the cupboards will be free! That is if you’re in the mood for a bit of DIY time. You can easily put the flat-pack set together, and you can transport it from the point of purchase yourself.

While you might be able to get them immediately, setting them up yourself could take a while. So, while this might not save time, it’s definitely budget-friendly.

It’s important to note that living the DIY life isn’t always great. If you assemble the flat-pack kitchen cupboards incorrectly, you can damage the set. Make sure that you follow instructions! You should also  consider all the optional extras you want. For example, if you want soft-close cupboard doors, you’ll need to pick up some nifty soft-close adapters or hinges to install.

Easy to transport

If you live on a high apartment floor, that you can only access by stairs, flat-pack kitchens might be your best friend. As these sets can be assembled manually, you can simply move all of the parts into your home and assemble them there for free.

It’s also easy to take them down if you change your mind or want to move them around. This gives you far more flexibility than rigid kitchen cabinets do. But, you’ll have to do everything yourself – DIY style.

Custom specifications

If you have a small kitchen or one with a unique shape – fear not. Flat-pack kitchens can be designed according to your specifications! Although you can buy them straight from the store, you could also order them with custom measurements, colours, etc.

Manufacturers can take your specifications into account so that you can make sure that your flat-pack kitchen cupboards suit your kitchen. You can still assemble them at home and transport them yourself!

This way, you can ensure that your new cabinets fit perfectly into your kitchen and get busy with some DIY as well. You can usually choose the base colour as well so that your flat-pack kitchen cabinets can suit the style of your space! But, if you don’t want to order them specially, you may have limited colour options to choose from at the store.

Kitchen With Neutral Colour Scheme

Strong and under warranty

Just because flat-pack kitchen cabinets aren’t solid timber items, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t strong and durable. If you do your research, you can definitely find some good quality flat-pack kitchen cupboards within your price range.

You also still have a warranty! Just because these goods are pre-assembled, it doesn’t mean that they should be of bad quality. You do, however, need to ensure that your purchase has a warranty period that makes you feel comfortable in the quality.

The Setbacks of Flatpack Kitchens in Australia

You have to assemble it yourself

While this is actually one of our advantages, it can quickly turn around to bite you if you’re not the DIY type. If you don’t enjoy the puzzle of assembling the flatpack set, it’s just going to be difficult. You may spend hours of your time trying to build your new kitchen cabinets!

Flatpack sets have lots of pre-drilled holes and screws that fit into those holes. You’ll need to be relatively handy with tools to be able to DIY these effectively.

You might make a mistake

When it comes to DIY kitchens, it’s easy to make a mistake. Not following the instructions can result in very badly put together kitchen cabinets – and often instructions aren’t all that easy to follow!

Each flatpack set comes equipped with an instruction manual that you need to follow closely. If you damage the set because you’ve made a mistake, then you’ll have to buy another.

Needless to say, this will result in your crafty budget taking a bit of a knock.

They can lack finesse

Flat-pack kitchen cupboards have many benefits – we know! But, if you have an eye for the smaller details, you might not want to make use of these cabinets. This is because the screws and holes will be visible from the sides of the kitchen cabinets. Many consider flatpack sets to look cheap for this reason.

Custom-made kitchen cabinets don’t show these imperfections. Because they are built by professionals, they look neater and more styled.

Limited styles

Flat-pack sets, although they can be custom-made, are limited in style. Getting custom kitchen cabinets allows you to specify each design component – like whether you want soft-close kitchen cupboard doors, or shaker-style cabinets, for example.

But, if you’re going to assemble the item yourself, it still needs to be somewhat basic in design.

When you’re looking for the perfect cabinetry for your home, you notice the tiny details. So, it may be best to opt for a non-flat-pack kitchen and try some custom, Australian-made cabinets.

There might be a feature cabinet that you think will make your kitchen glow! Although you can find lovely flat-pack sets, most feature cabinetry should probably be custom designed.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Flat-Pack Kitchens or Australian-made Cabinets for your Home?

Whether you choose to assemble flatpack cabinets yourself or want to spend a little more for Australian-made cabinets to perfectly fit your kitchen, the choice is yours. Both have their pros and cons. While flatpack sets are more affordable, custom kitchen cabinets are generally much higher quality and are built to last.

For more advice on custom, Australian-made cabinetry, don’t hesitate to contact us and Renovation Capital so that we can help you achieve a new look for your kitchen design.

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