Seven Bathroom Colour Schemes to Inspire you

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Bathroom colour schemes can be one of the best parts of home design! If you’re on a budget, repainting the walls can lift the look and feel of the whole room. If you’re starting from scratch or remodelling, then you have the whole interior design of the bathroom as your playground!  

7 Beautiful Bathroom Colour Schemes For Your Home

Bathroom colour schemes can make all the difference in your home – not to mention how much you love your bathroom! Whether you want your bathroom to be cosy and a bit moody, or light and airy, there’s a colour scheme out there for you.

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Turquoise, light pink and gold

Let’s begin with something brilliantly bold – or gold to be precise. Could there be any way more fitting to start this list? We think not! Firstly, just because three colours have been given equal share in the title, it doesn’t mean they get equal share in the bathroom. 

Think about the paint colour that you want to be dominant in your bathroom. Once you’ve picked that, you can start to enhance it with touches from the other two. Remember, a small touch in your house isn’t always insignificant! 

Think about adding gold touches to the bathroom mirror, fixtures and door handles could add the perfect finishing touches to the palette. Accent colours in your home should highlight, not hide!

Light pink and turquoise both work really well with gold accents and can make the whole room look like it was designed by a professional!


If you feel like the above trio is a bit out of your comfort zone, then this bathroom colour scheme might be one you just love! A stunning blend of grey and brown, this colour is natural and spa-like, to say the least. The lightness of the colour palette also makes it a great option if you have a small bathroom.

Taupe in the bathroom, or home in general, adds a touch of modern to an otherwise natural feel. In terms of paint shade, you have some options – which is great if you’re looking at having an accent wall in your bathroom. 

Colour variations of taupe for your bathroom range from grey-brown to earthy-brown, so you can find the right shade for your home. 

Taupe Bathroom Colour With Plant

Navy blue

Adding some darker tones to your home can be incredibly rewarding. Using them in a larger room in your house can sometimes be easier, as darker colours tend to make rooms look smaller. However, if you add them into the bathroom strategically (or even dramatically), you won’t regret it! 

A navy blue colour theme is flexible. Nautical, traditional or modern, navy blue can suit whatever style you’re going for. Navy blue paint makes for a gorgeous accent wall. Or, if you want to add it in more gradually, what about incorporating it into your bathroom cupboards, mat or floating shelves? 


The all-white bathroom is a popular colour scheme to choose and it’s easy to see why! If your home carries a touch of Hamptons style, then this is the best powder room design for you. A white bathroom doesn’t need to be surgical at all – the right elements will make your bathroom spa-like, spacious and relaxing to be in. 

Add elements like subway tile to create texture. Don’t just rely on paint in your home! Tiles are fantastic to use in bathrooms and throughout your home design. And we’re not just saying that because they’re easy to clean!

Different coloured tiles can be used to add some accent colours in and different shapes of tiles can create patterns. You can even make use of mosaic tiles for a splash of colour in your bathroom. 


Does your home need a bit of drama and contrast? Adding dark colours to your house can be one of the best design ideas! You can use a black and white colour scheme for a graphic look in your bathroom.

A black and white colour theme can be moody, but light at the same time. Black paint works as a great way to highlight spaces in the bathroom if you use it in smaller amounts. 

Dramatic black bathrooms are cosy and luxurious. Think about having metallic finishes, such as gold or copper, for a sophisticated look and feel in your home. 

Dark bathrooms can also make use of colours other than blacks – such as forest green and dark blue. In addition, it provides the ideal backdrop for a pop of colour like yellow, red or blue! 

Bathroom With Black Walls And Wooden Cabinets


Pastel greens make for stunning bathroom colour schemes (yes, we’ll talk about mint next). Pistachio is a more vibrant green and it can transform your bathroom into an energetic yet elegant space. This is one of the best bathroom ideas if you love the natural look but want something a little bolder.

This shade of green paint will pair well with whites and greys. If your home is more mellow, and you’d like to tone down your bathroom space, add in some natural materials. This shade of green works well with wood elements and brown accents. 

Mint and white

Don’t get us wrong, we all love grey and white paint schemes – they’re classic and timeless. But, we just can’t shake this idea of mint and white! Still toned down, this popular green bathroom colour palette is cheerful and fresh while also very calming.

You can incorporate this colour into your bathroom through tile, bench-tops, cabinets, or shelves. Your beautiful green bathroom will also love some silver finishes, simple decor and white floor tiles. 

Pistachio Bathroom Colour Scheme

A Little Colour Can Go A Long Way

Palettes, paint colours, tiles and décor are our bread and butter. The right colour scheme can uplift not only your bathroom but your whole home!

If you’re looking to remodel and need some help choosing the perfect palette, contact Renovation Capital today.

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