All About Coastal Kitchens – Elements, Styles, & More

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Whether you’re remodelling the kitchen at your family holiday house or planning to invigorate your home kitchen, integrating the elements of a coastal style kitchen might be the breath of fresh air you need. 

But if you’re not an interior designer, it can be quite daunting and overwhelming to overhaul your kitchen to a bright and modern space. One must consider the main design theme, decorating, colour scheme, and so much more!

One can scroll through Pinterest endlessly looking for design inspiration from beautiful kitchens, but trying to intermix too many ideas into one space could congest and confuse your seaside theme. 

Here, we look at some of the key design elements and home décor ideas for you to achieve your dream kitchen. Read on for some inspiration in decorating your modern kitchen to look more coastal.

What Is A Coastal Style Kitchen Design?

There is no single, all-encompassing answer to this question. A coastal kitchen can mean anything depending on your interpretation. Coastal kitchens are, essentially, inspired by holiday beach houses. 

Elements relating to the beach, such as white or blue interior, tiled walls, and open spaces, are good to keep in mind. Think of a kitchen interior with lots of light, white mixed with pale hues, and natural wood accents.

The elements related to coastal kitchens and farmhouse kitchens do tend to overlap. Both embody beautiful simplicity and rustic finishes. Beach houses and the farmhouses are not overly cluttered and tend to shy away from harsh colours like red or black.

Coastal kitchens also take inspiration from mid-century houses which tend to include clean lines and an open plan kitchen and living room. The coastal style emphasises bringing elements from the outdoors to the interior of your home. Think of a modern, boho, island cottage nestled along the beach. It’s the summer home of your dreams!

Style Elements Of Coastal Kitchens

You can easily turn a standard white kitchen into the modern coastal kitchen you’ve always wanted. Here are some of the style elements to include.


Light, bright and beautiful. Choosing the right colours can make or break your beach-themed kitchen. Think of naturally-occurring beach colours: the blue sea, white shells, and beige sand.

However, integrating these colours practically without overdoing it is a challenge in and of itself. White subway tiles on the walls are a great starting point. It’s like a pure, blank canvas to work from. White tiles are also the perfect material for the splashback in your coastal kitchen because they add to the simple charm and are easy to clean.

Add light blue hues and natural wood in other areas of the kitchen. For example, you could paint your kitchen cabinets or fit in some new ones made of light-coloured wood. Another coastal kitchen design idea is to paint the base of your island bench a light blue colour and add some rustic, wooden stools.

coastal kitchen elements - blue hues


In all kitchens, the layout must be set out so that it is ergonomically practical. A kitchen island is perfect for the homeowner who loves to cook and entertain at the same time. Talk to your guests over the kitchen island and simply turn around to access your hob or oven! It’s the perfect layout for kitchen dining.

When it comes to coastal kitchens, you want to make sure that your space is open and airy. This means clearing the clutter! Make sure that you have enough cabinet space to store pots, pans, and crockery. 

A kitchen island plays another useful role in this regard. Set your kitchen cabinets under the island for quick and easy access to your cooking utensils. You can also build a spice rack into your kitchen cupboard to avoid too much clutter on your countertop.

In an open-plan house design, a kitchen island can also create the perfect divider between your modern coastal kitchen and your living room without closing off the space.

Furniture & Home Décor For Your Coastal Kitchen

This can be the most difficult part, but also the most fun! Choosing beautiful furniture that you will love for years to come can be the difference between an average kitchen, and an awesome kitchen!

As mentioned before, you don’t want to overcrowd your space, especially if you have a small kitchen. Keep it simple, and stay true to the beach cottage theme. Simple and sturdy pieces are best suited to generate a coastal farmhouse atmosphere.

Open shelving can be a practical way to store kitchen accessories, mugs, or glasses so that they are out of the way but easily accessible. You could even paint them light blue to give your kitchen a splash of colour while keeping with the beach house theme!

White cabinets can also add to your new kitchen’s beachy-farmhouse design. If you don’t want to keep your kitchen cabinets white and would rather make them stand out a bit, blue or beige will do perfectly well!

Having the facilities for kitchen dining also means that there is no need for a dining table, thus freeing up more home space!


Staying true to the beach house theme, wood is the best way to go. Wooden cabinets painted white or blue creates a simple and rustic feeling in your coastal kitchen. 

To add a bit of character, it is also an option to coat the kitchen cabinets in a natural stain to give it that lovely “unfinished” farmhouse feel.

Wicker chairs also add a rustic vibe to your kitchen. Using natural materials as much as possible will add to the seaside style perfectly.

If all-wooden furniture is not your thing, one can add upholster the seats with a beautiful, yet simple, fabric. Not only does it add a more sophisticated look to your kitchen, but it provides more comfortable seating for your guests.

Make sure to also incorporate some glass elements as it reflects light and adds to the open atmosphere. For example, you could include some glass cabinets.


During the day, the best light is natural light. So, large windows that let the light flood into your kitchen are ideal. At night, soft LED lighting will bounce off the white walls and make the space feel bright and open.

Make sure that you keep key areas well lit. This includes the kitchen island and your cooking space. Dimmers can be used to create a softer, more romantic mood as it suits the occasion.

Hanging lights above the kitchen islands also add decorative value. Choose a lampshade that suits the beachy farmhouse theme. Wicker lampshades are a great option here!

coastal kitchen style - white and blue cabinets

Coastal Kitchen Décor

Once you have the foundation for your new kitchen’s design, it’s time for decorating! The kitchen interior should feel like the beachy outdoors is intermingling with your home interior.

When it comes to the kitchen décor, stick to the soft colours. Fabric or wicker placemats will beautifully accent your home. Don’t be afraid to find materials with some kind of beach-themed print. Think seashells and fish. Have a bit of fun with it!

If your summer home is situated along the coast, take a stroll on the beach and find some driftwood, sea glass, or seashells. These can be made into gorgeous centrepieces. This is especially practical if you are doing home décor on a budget!

Create The Perfect Coastal Kitchen

There are many ways to style your coastal kitchen which leaves you with a lot of freedom to make it your own. Stick to these key elements during your kitchen renovation and your modern- or farmhouse-inspired coastal kitchen will materialise before your very eyes!

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