4 Things That Improve Every Kitchen Design


When people are looking to buy a home, a room that can be the key deciding factor is the kitchen. After all, much of your time is spent in the kitchen. It’s also where families and friends gather to eat and create memories together.

If your kitchen isn’t your dream kitchen, or you feel like it needs to be updated, there are some simple improvements you can do to achieve it. Read the tips below to improve your kitchen design.

You’ll need to decide what size pantry will be the best for you. Then, go from there. You may want to consider hiring a professional to help with the kitchen design and the actual construction. While you can do it yourself, it will be easier to let someone else more experienced handle the work.

Once you decide where to place your pantry, you’ll want to think about size and other factors. You want a pantry that is big enough but doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen. Swipe out shelves in a pantry allow for maximum access to the grocery items placed in the back. A narrow pantry is a practical idea.

You also want to choose the right type of door. If you choose a single door, it should swing out into the kitchen, this will allow more space inside the pantry. You can also choose folding doors if there isn’t a lot of space for a door to swing out.

If you only have one area that you can place a pantry, that’s where it will need to go. But if you have different options on where to place it, you may want to consider a few factors.

Will it be easy to access? You want to place your pantry somewhere that it won’t easily be blocked. Does it make sense to place it here? Ideally, your pantry should be relatively close to where you will be cooking. This saves you time when you are cooking since you won’t have to walk across your kitchen for the items you need.

1 & 2. Utensil and Appliance Sizes

Utensil and appliances play a vital role in kitchen aesthetics. While it may make sense to use smaller ones to save space, you need to make sure they will do what you need them to do. There are different ways you can optimise the space that you have.


You can optimise space by getting utensils and appliances that can have dual use, such as a free standing oven rather than a separate oven.

You may know to install your microwave above your oven, this can save you quite a bit of space. It will give you more space for storage, or more counter space, making your overall kitchen interior appear more open.

3. Storage Heights

The storage heights in your kitchen depend on the height of your family. There are standards that most people follow, but you could always customise it if you need to.

4. More General Tips

Consider Space

When you are redesigning your kitchen, consider the amount of space you will need to cook, move around, and place items. It would be a good idea for you to make enough space in walkways for at least two people to cook at the same time. This will prevent anyone from feeling crowded while cooking.

Make it Inviting

A lot of people will use their kitchen while entertaining guests, so you want to keep it inviting. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you want to avoid darker colours because it can make your kitchen seem smaller than it is. You can choose a nice light neutral colour or even a pastel colour instead to keep it inviting.


It’s all about placement in the kitchen. Place items that go together close to where they will be used. You can install a set of small shelves near your range, where you can place your spices and oils. This will help you while you are cooking since you won’t need to search around for what you need.

When placing your fridge and pantry, factor in the door as well. You want them to swing out, but you don’t want them to hit any walls or block walkways. This can be a tricky thing to do if your kitchen is smaller.

Maximise Counter Space

No one likes to cook in a cluttered kitchen; it’s too distracting for some people. You should ensure that you have adequate space on both sides of your stove, this will make it easier for you. Also, you should place appliances where they won’t take up too much walking room.


Keeping everything organised and placing it where it goes can be a big game changer in the kitchen. Placing bowls, plates, and silverware near the sink or dishwasher helps when you need to put the dishes away.

Keeping pots and pans near the stove is another great organising tip. You should also keep your pantry organised and label containers, this will make it easier to find what you need. Some people will even have the labels facing out, so they can just grab what they need.


Whether you are choosing to remodel your kitchen for yourself or if you are considering selling your home, these suggestions can help you improve your kitchen design. Some of these can help add value to your home if you are choosing to sell.

Remodelling a kitchen can be a stressful time; just remember that you are doing this for you. You want a better kitchen, and you should have one. Once you find a designer, you can both decide on a layout and design that works for you.

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