Why use a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Renovation Blueprint

A kitchen is a costly room to renovate, therefore it is important to “get it right”, making sure that you achieve an end result that works for you and your family.

Your kitchen is as individual as you are and with the help of a designer, your new kitchen can be an asset to your home in so many ways. Not only will it
encourage you and your family to want to be in the kitchen, but it can appreciate the value of your home.

It is difficult to ascertain the cost of redoing a kitchen and there are several ways of obtaining a design and a quotation.

CALL A CABINET MAKER – this is the least expensive option to obtain a quote, as most cabinet makers do not charge to come to your home. However, as most
cabinetmakers are busy running a factory, it is unreasonable to expect that they have the time, or effort to invest on your project as opposed to a designer.

AN ARCHITECT – you could expect a great design and obviously from the onset incur a cost for that design, irrespective of whether you proceed or not.

A KITCHEN DESIGNER – most qualified Kitchen Designers charge a small fee to come out to your home, take measurements, discuss your requirements and style
and then offer up a design, and a cost to achieve your dream. If you don’t like the design or the price is more than what you were expecting to pay, then the only
cost you incur is a small once off fee. In the case of Renovation Capital, we offer this service for $150. If you do like the design and are happy with the price then
that is wonderful, however if you don’t like either then all it has cost you is $150. Our designs are available to purchase for people who would like to obtain other

When all is said and done, the cost of a designer and getting it right is usually less than the cost of a tap! So it is well worth it!

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