Tips For Giving Your Kitchen A Makeover On A Budget

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If you’re looking to bring a new look and feel to your kitchen space but don’t want to break the bank, a budget kitchen makeover is for you. Giving your home a much-needed facelift doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, it can be affordable and effective!

Kitchen makeovers often focus on things like kitchen cabinets, tiles, kitchen island benches and hardware. These can cost a fortune if you’re doing a full kitchen renovation, but fear not! We’re going to give you our top tips to help you give your kitchen a new look on a budget. Working with a money limit can be a challenge, but your end result will be well worth the effort and will make your home beautiful.

How to plan your budget kitchen makeover

Determine what you want

This step is a must if you think you might sway away from your plan. Write down a list of all your needs and wants for your updated kitchen. Think cabinets, open shelving, paint, style – or anything that needs replacing! 

In your list, also include aspects that you don’t think you absolutely need. If you’re willing to be flexible on that brand new hardware, jot that down as well. Here you can map out all the nitty-gritty details that you want to change.

From the light switches, new pendant lights to a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets, new laminate countertops, or even tile paint, it’s time to get creative with your kitchen design.

When you’ve done this, with your budget in mind, start looking for companies or products that can help you reach your kitchen goals. If you have any questions for the kitchen designer you choose, make sure to record those. 

Plan it out

Of course, you need to plan out your kitchen space and the changes you want to make. If you have a family, you might want more benchtop space or storage options. You might also want more durable materials and a splashback that’s easy to clean. 

Or, if you really love to cook, you might want to allocate more of your budget to new kitchen appliances, instead of sticking with the existing ones. You might also want to add in more cabinets to store all of your ingredients.

Whether you want a modern aesthetic to match your home, or want to make your kitchen feel cosy with some more traditional styles, your renovation ideas depend entirely on your lifestyle.

stylish black and white kitchen with gold hardware

Budget Kitchen Makeover Ideas and Tips

To save some money, consider making small changes to your kitchen. Sometimes, changing one thing (like installing vinyl flooring or timber panelling for your cabinets and island bench) can have a huge impact! Here are some top tips and ideas to get you started.

Keep your layout

Sticking to your existing layout is the best idea for a budget kitchen makeover! Even if your kitchen needs a modern touch, your layout might still work perfectly.

Moving cabinets, walls and plumbing can cost a fortune! So, to spruce up your kitchen, look at the smaller things you can change like new hardware or updated cabinets.

Update the lighting

Sometimes, all you need is to update existing features in your kitchen. For example, think about redoing your lighting. Add some task lighting to make your space more functional. Or, get some statement pendant lights to hang over your island.

Don’t replace when you can re-use

Don’t replace your range of appliances if they are still in good shape! Even if you feel like your white kitchen needs a new toaster, it can do without one.

If you think your kitchen appliances look a bit old, then just pop them into a cabinet to make your kitchen and home look neater. This saves on cost and will help you to stay within budget. You can always replace your appliances later!

Kitchen cabinets

Changing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts is one of the best ways to transform the kitchen space on a budget. Doing this can make it feel like you have a brand new kitchen.

You can even change your cabinetry entirely if you want more of a kitchen remodel. Do you want to opt out of closed storage and into open shelving? Now is the time! Or, maybe it’s time to replace those old shaker style cabinets with some modern slab cabinet doors? Making a change like this is a great way to update your kitchen look.

You can also refresh your cabinets instead of replacing them – DIY style. If you want an all-white kitchen, then you can apply a fresh coat of white paint to your existing kitchen cabinets or simply spray paint them a new shade!

Pick out some new hardware to go with the new look as well. Whether you want stainless steel, copper, or something totally unique, these small details can have significant results.

Colours are key

Many people embarking on a budget kitchen makeover adventure will consider a fresh coat of paint for the kitchen walls. The paint you choose can make your kitchen look light and spacious or cosy and sophisticated.

Think about what style you want. Are you interested in a pristine, white, modern kitchen? Or does the idea of an industrial kitchen get you excited, with brass hardware and open shelves? Maybe you prefer something a little more country-style to go with your big farmhouse sink?

If you want to add a little bit of colour to keep things interesting, you can always add in some coloured subway tile or a unique splashback to give your kitchen the right finish.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. So, make sure you really put in some thought here and think about colours that will suit your home and add value to it.

small kitchen with colourful splashback and statement pendant lightsmall kitchen with colourful splashback and statement pendant light

Stylish And Affordable Kitchen Makeovers

If you’re looking for a kitchen designer that will help you to bridge the gap between form, function and cost, contact us at Renovation Capital. Your budget kitchen makeover can be everything you want and need if you plan it well!

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