Tips For Designing An Industrial Style Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchen

An industrial kitchen makes for a bold statement in any home – not to mention a stunning listing photo.  Industrial kitchen design places emphasis on a handful of critical elements, which we will cover in this article. And, when correctly planned and executed, these kitchens can add a whole lot of sophistication to your home.

You might have an idea of what an industrial kitchen design looks like. Let’s cement this idea by discussing what an industrial kitchen really is. If you love lofty, modern kitchens, then these industrial kitchen ideas will inspire your style! 

What Is An Industrial Style Kitchen?

Think open, airy spaces, stainless steel, brick, and concrete. While sleek, and quite stylish, industrial style kitchen designs aren’t for everyone.  But, if you really love to cook, then this style is perfect for you. 

Industrial style kitchens became popular in the 80s and 90s when it was trendy to have a professional-looking cooking space in your home and industrial buildings were being converted into apartments. Designed to be functional and clean, industrial kitchen styles are ideal for those who think of the kitchen as the home’s centre.

An industrial kitchen will make use of different material elements as well – such as exposed brick, polished concrete and industrial lighting with filament bulbs. You may also find different tiling in different industrial kitchens. Don’t be surprised to see vinyl tile and subway tile! 

The blend of different textures, exposed materials and untreated elements is characteristic of an industrial kitchen. 

The beauty of this kitchen style is in its rough imperfection. There is no need for an emphasis on home décor, as the effect of the industrial apartment character is enough as it is. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t seriously consider some pops of colour, and touches of stainless steel! We’ll talk about including that in your industrial kitchen below. 

Industrial apartments, and industrial style kitchens, encapsulate urban style. Industrial chic is all about open spaces, concrete, brick, glass and functionality in your home. 

Industrial kitchens boast an atmosphere inspired by industrial workshops, old factories, and professional cooking stations. This atmosphere is taken to the next level with the warm glow of strategic light and some pops of bright colour. 

Industrial Kitchen Design With Exposed Brick

Tips For Creating An Industrial Style Kitchen 

Exposed Walls In The Kitchen

If an industrial design is calling your name, don’t answer with a paintbrush! If the walls in your kitchen design are bare and exposed, stop and think before you, laden with paint, approach.

Exposed brick or concrete walls are characteristic of the industrial style kitchen, and to paint over them would take away a key component of the industrial kitchen design. 

You might want to consider adding some open shelves to the walls for storage and style. You can use brass or stainless steel finishes on these shelves. Try matching them with your kitchen tools to create a more cohesive kitchen design.

Another great element to add to the industrial look of your kitchen design is chalkboard. This is great for two reasons:  functionality and the rough look it adds to the space. 

Get Functional In Your Kitchen

Another perk of using open shelving in your industrial style kitchen is that it adds to the open and spacy, loft kitchen feeling. 

Making use of floating shelves and wall cabinets for storage will open up your beautiful concrete flooring (no sheet vinyl here!). This makes the kitchen design feel more spacious and still gives you all the storage space you need! 

If you’re looking for layout inspiration, the spacious design of industrial kitchens is similar to shaker kitchen features! 

While using stainless steel finishing touches will definitely add a dash of industrial charm to your kitchen design, you might want to use natural material for the shelving. Old timber works exceptionally well with industrial style kitchens. 

Think about stacking the timber on top of bricks. Not only does this look great, but it’s also an easy touch that you can include yourself. 

A Pop Of Colour In The Kitchen 

Generally, you’ll find that an industrial style kitchen design has a tell-tale colour scheme. A dark and neutral colour palette sets the mood. Grey, white and matte black are no strangers to the industrial kitchen style! 

This palette is perfect for highlighting accent colours and feature pieces in your kitchen. It also works very well with wood so that you can incorporate some natural design elements into the room through your shelving, cabinets or even your kitchen island.

Black stone benchtops, a white herringbone splashback, and exposed brickwork work beautifully in the kitchen design. Add in some gorgeous timber pieces, with steel and brass touches here and there. These touches can be incorporated through door handles, tapware and various fittings. 

To complete the look, think about adding a pop of colour. The trend of bringing brightly coloured bar stools into the kitchen is perfect for the industrial design! Also, consider adding some plant life into the kitchen. This not only adds some leafy green life into the kitchen design, but it offers many colours if your flowers bloom! 

Kitchen Texture

By now we know the main features of industrial kitchens. Exposed brickwork, concrete, stone and a generally rough or rustic aesthetic. The key concept of the industrial kitchen design lies in the imperfections – the cracks and character of the materials. 

If you like the idea of painting over a wall in your home, consider inky, dark colours. The interior design of the dark kitchen style works beautifully with industrial kitchens.

Modern Industrial Kitchen With Concrete Wall

Kitchen Lighting Design

Pendant lights and Edison bulbs. We love a healthy glow to highlight your kitchen. Lights are critical in these kitchen designs. Badly lit kitchens with a dark colour palette will be overwhelmingly dark. So, using lighting to brighten the room, as well as highlight the features in the kitchen design, is essential. 

The Bottom Line

Adding an industrial style kitchen to your home is a great way to get the best out of your space! A modern industrial kitchen space is elegant yet retro. 

If you want the best industrial kitchen design, give Renovation Capital a call today. Whether you want to highlight your brick wall or incorporate some other interior design ideas, we can help you design the perfect kitchen for your home.

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