10 Different Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space 

Best Kitchen Lighting

It’s true that the kitchen brightens the home – it can be a beautiful, function room and a popular gathering spot. However, your kitchen also needs to be lit up in a way that complements your style. Having the right lighting can lift the look and feel of any kitchen!

Other interior design elements, such as the colour palette, are very important. However, your kitchen can be transformed by the perfect finish that lighting provides.

What Is The Best Lighting For A Kitchen? 

The best lighting ideas for your kitchen will depend on you entirely! Our first suggestion to find the best lighting for you would be to not rush the process. Kitchen lighting will illuminate family time, cooking, and more special moments – it’s a big part of the kitchen!

Installing new lights can be tricky though if you want to make a big change – it’s better to get it right the first time! If you’re redesigning or renovating your kitchen, now is the time to consider which lights are going to work for your home.

Chandeliers, statement lights and pendant lights – the options are endless. If you’re going to use your lighting as a way to add some flair to your kitchen, the best kitchen light ideas will be statement pieces. For example, you get a big statement pendant light or hang three simple ones in a row over your kitchen island bench for a trendy, modern look.

If you have lots of floating cabinets, you may want some under-cabinet LED lighting. 

The ideal kitchen lighting will be functional and will match the ambience of your kitchen. If you have a dark kitchen, then you might want to consider some additional soft lighting to brighten the space and add to the moodiness of the room.

If you have a more industrial kitchen, the aesthetic can be greatly transformed by the addition of some brass pendant lights.

10 Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Space

If you’re in need of some advice about the best kitchen lighting for you, don’t hesitate to bring in some expert opinions. Kitchen designers will be able to tell you what you need and what will make your kitchen an even better part of the home. 

White Kitchen With Island Bench And Pendant Lights

LED kitchen lighting

LED lights appear in many kitchens. They are fantastic additions if you’re looking to highlight areas of your space.

This is great if you have long shelves, or floating cabinetry that cast shadows on your benchtops if you only have lighting from above. If you put some LED strip lights under your shelving, you can highlight that space and shed some extra light on your benchtop. 

Motion sensor lighting

If you’re big on saving energy (or if you hate trying to find the light switch in the dark) – you’ll love motion sensor lighting. These work wonderfully in cabinets or pantries and add an impressive touch to any kitchen. You can even buy battery-powered versions and install them DIY style. 

Hanging ceiling lights

Having hanging lights as the focal point in your kitchen is a great way to bring in sophistication. In traditional industrial style kitchens, a statement pendant light is often used as a feature over the dining table or island. 

You can use brass, black or stainless steel fixtures to echo other décor items in the kitchen space with your pendant lighting. You could also be creative with the light shade and pick something unique and eye-catching.

Big Edison bulbs can also make a big impact. Statement lighting is a good way of reinforcing the style of your new kitchen – be it sleek and modern or a rustic country design. 

Under-island lighting

Your kitchen island can become even more of a feature with some base lighting. If you don’t have room for hanging lights that enhance your kitchen island, this is a great idea for some ambient lighting.

Using different sources in the room to add to an overall lighting scheme creates an elegant, well-illuminated space. 

Statement pieces

We love the look and feel of a majestic chandelier in the kitchen. Similar to pendant lights, chandeliers make a statement. These work well in modern kitchens. Think about using stainless steel or glass chandeliers to reinforce the design style. 

A chandelier creates a stylish, chic finish for your new kitchen. These beautiful focal points exude luxury – perfect for a modern statement piece. 

Track lights

These lights are a stunning trend. These lights can cover a large area of the kitchen or can highlight a feature. They also come in various design styles, which can add different looks to the room.

Black and brass track lighting, for example, will add a more industrial feel. Stainless steel, white or wood fixtures would add a modern, Hamptons style touch. 

Task lighting

Task lighting is still a big trend in lighting design. It’s pretty much what it sounds like – it is used to perform a task or specific purpose.

LED bulbs can be used under your shelving, as we previously mentioned. Fixtures, like gooseneck sconces, do the job well and add a beautiful vintage touch. Task lights are softer than ceiling lights, which is great for entertaining.

White Kitchen With Wooden Floor And Lots Of Light

Flush mounts

Lighting that is flush with the wall allows for a minimalist look. This is because the lights are less featured, and the wall appears more open. The aesthetic is streamlined and neat and the mount still adds colour to the concept. 

The woven look

Bringing a woven element into your kitchen lighting will work well if you have natural wood materials already. Lightbulbs that are held inside a woven ‘basket’ cast a softer, patterned light around the kitchen. The woven style also looks great in white. 

Warm glass 

To add a warm, cosy touch to your kitchen, consider exposed glass bulbs. Amber tinted glass shells will ensure that the light shining from the bulbs brings a warm atmosphere to the kitchen space. These work well if you have a busy kitchen design or if you’re looking to add a splash of personality to your new kitchen. 

The Bottom Line

Lighting in the kitchen can bring a lot to the table and it highlights the table beautifully in the process. When choosing the right kitchen light for your home, be sure to consider both form and function so that you can create a practical, yet beautiful, kitchen.

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