How To Make Your Kitchen More Luxurious 

Luxury Kitchen With Marble Benchtops And Wooden Floor

A luxury kitchen is the stuff of dreams. We all love a touch of opulence in our homes! High-quality materials, a dash of classy technology and some top-of-the-range appliances can pull together to create an award-winning kitchen. 

Unfortunately, acquiring that level of kitchen luxury can be above our budget. If you’re looking to add some class, and not break the bank, then these luxury kitchen ideas are for you! We’re going to talk about how to look more for less. 

Top luxury kitchen design ideas

Granite overlays

Granite benchtops are beautiful and durable – and expensive. Although we definitely recommend investing in some good quality, slightly pricey items for the kitchen, you might not choose to pay attention to the benchtops. 

To still attain a high end, modern look in your kitchen, consider granite overlays. These granite or polymer ‘shells’ fit over your current benchtops and make it seem as though you have pure granite features! Sometimes you can’t get the best – but this seems like a great second. Granite top overlays will look great in modern kitchens. 

Just think how beautiful your kitchen could look with a granite island?

Laminate wood flooring

This is a great luxury kitchen design idea that won’t cost too much. Wooden floors give off a classy air – but sometimes kitchens don’t just come with them.

Are you in love with the idea of a bespoke kitchen or even a shaker style kitchen, but lack the wooden flooring that would pull the design together? Fear not – laminate wood flooring is for you!

Good quality laminate wood varieties are more budget-friendly and lower maintenance than the hardwood floors that traditional kitchens might have. They take getting wet in their stride and don’t scratch easily. If you have kids, this beautiful kitchen idea might even be a better choice than hardwood floors! 


The best faucets

Often, luxury kitchens make use of custom made faucets and fixtures. However, this isn’t necessary anymore. These days, off-the-shelf faucets are designed to exude style. Your home can look classy without custom made faucets. Common manufacturers have a whole lot to offer! 

Reface your cabinets

If you’re starting from scratch on your new luxury kitchen, this won’t apply to you. But, if you’re looking to change something small to upscale your kitchen in a cost-friendly way – keep reading!

Re-facing your wood cabinets is very impactful and relatively simple.  A laminate finish over your old cabinets and drawer fronts can give your kitchen the facelift it needs!

A dark finish can look upmarket and modern. To take this idea to the next level, add some new handles. This final touch can take your kitchen from commonplace to contemporary!

A light colour palette

This is your chance to jump on the white kitchen wagon or to get that light grey kitchen you’ve always wanted. Changing the colour palette in your kitchen design is a sure way to upgrade this room. 

Your kitchen design will benefit from light colours. This helps to achieve the look of a luxury kitchen because lighter colours make your space seem more open and airy. If you have a small kitchen, you can read more about how to make this room look bigger here

This doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in a pop of colour. If you use a light colour scheme, you can spice it up with some funky bar stools to up your kitchen dining game or create a more contemporary living space. 

Paint-on stainless steel

Adding some character to your well-loved appliances is a good way to up the class in your kitchen. For a modern look, consider paint-on stainless steel. Appliances are meant to be used so they might look a bit tired after a while. This is a great way to give them a fresh appeal. 

Make sure to do your research before embarking on this adventure. Different companies make different types of liquid stainless steel. So, you need to make sure that you’re using the right type for the appliance you’re going to paint. Your new kitchen will love this touch! 

Statement lighting

Lighting really ties the look and feel of the kitchen together. If you want to upscale the interior design in your house, investing in a statement light fixture is well worth it. Having the light as a focal point is classy and elegant! 

Hanging lights, such as pendant lights and chandeliers, are excellent choices. Hang them in the middle of the kitchen or over a feature you’d like to highlight – such as your kitchen island bench. Be it a traditional kitchen, a modern kitchen, a contemporary or a shaker kitchen, statement lighting can do wonders for any style!

White Kitchen With Island Bench And Pendant Lights

Glass cabinets

If you think your cabinetry is looking a bit worn out, you could consider re-facing it with laminate materials (as we discussed above). However, if you want a completely fresh feel for your luxury kitchen, consider adding some glass to the mix!

It’s not too hard to cut out the front of your cabinets and replace them with glass. This will add to a more spacious feel in your kitchen. You don’t need to stare longingly at modern design inspiration anymore, it’s just within reach! 

A new splashback

After your kitchen cabinets, the splashback is the most impactful place to make a statement. If you want to add some luxury kitchen ideas to your home, invest in the best splashback you can. Your interior design will thank you for it! 

There are many materials, such as marble, that you can use in your splashback design. A marble splashback is high-quality and classy. If you’re not a fan of using marble, think about herringbone, or pure white subway tiles.

You can also use a glass splashback, and paint behind it, for a pop of stylish colour. This is also a more budget-friendly alternative to marble and other more expensive materials. 

Get your luxury on with a new luxurious kitchen! 

If you need advice on how to add some luxury to your kitchen design, call Renovation Capital today. By paying the kitchen space the attention it deserves, you can take the look and feel of your whole home to the next level. You can easily have a beautiful, luxury kitchen by adding some of the above ideas into your design mix!

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