Kitchen Inspiration & Trends For Your Brand New Kitchen

Kitchen Inspiration Simple Rustic Kitchen With Wood And White Accents

Whether you’re planning on doing a full revamp of your kitchen, wanting to make a few updates or even just starting from scratch, finding inspiration can be tough. With so many different and fantastic kitchen design ideas out there, it can be hard to choose just one.

So, don’t! Here, we will detail a number of great kitchen design trends and points of kitchen inspiration for you to sift through.

We’ve separated these kitchen design ideas into concepts, so you can pick and choose what it is you’re looking for. Or, read them all! You may find that something you never would have considered ends up catching your eye. Sometimes, in a personalized contemporary kitchen, design ideas that seem to clash actually work well together!

So, let’s get down to it and find some kitchen inspiration. 

Top Tips & Trends to Inspire You

Kitchen inspiration for when you want to play around with colour

  1. Paint walls and cabinets in bright, vibrant colours. New paint on your walls or cabinets can do wonders. Finding a great new colour that either matches your kitchen style or contrasts with it in a fun and exciting way can give your kitchen a great new feel. Whether you have a modern kitchen and want to change things up or if you have a white kitchen that needs a touch of something else, painting your kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat is one of our top interior design tips.
  2. Retile your splashback. Something as simple as giving your splashback a makeover in an exciting new colour can add a new and improved focal point that makes working in your kitchen even more enjoyable. You could choose a modern design, something contemporary, or even just simple stainless steel can create a whole new look for your kitchen.
  3. Choose paler colours. Even something like white or grey can really make your kitchen look 100 times more classic – and bigger too! That’s right, paler colours make a space look larger, so this is a great option if you are working with a small kitchen. Even if your kitchen is bigger, these colours can help you to achieve an open-plan, minimalist look.
  4. Opt for darker colours for your kitchen. This is a great idea, too, because darker colours can add an edgy feel. They also work well with industrial-type kitchens. Choose a dark grey, navy, or even black to achieve this look. Black cabinets and black countertops are part of a modern kitchen at its best! 

White Kitchen With Patterned Splashback

When you want to increase functionality 

  1. Add a kitchen island bench. A kitchen island can transform your kitchen layout completely. If you have an L-shaped or an open-plan kitchen layout, an island forms a useful divider with multiple functions. You can add style with some decor, use it for food prep, add some stools and make it a kitchen dining area, and so on!
  2. Revamp your kitchen with freestanding furniture. Built-in cupboards and workspaces aren’t always the way to go. Sometimes, just simply moving the things in your kitchen around can work wonders for transforming its look and feel. Opting for freestanding furniture gives you the option to chop and change the layout of the space as you please.
  3. Change up the lighting. Lighting can play a huge part in the look, feel, and functioning of your kitchen. While natural lighting is always a winner, you may also consider installing some pendant lights or even lighting that highlights what you want the focal point of your kitchen to be. No matter what, keep functionality in mind: where will you need the most light? 
  4. Display your favourite mugs. Everyone has a specific mug or type of mug in their home that they absolutely love. If you’re a bit of a collector, why hide them behind your kitchen cabinetry? Displaying your mugs on open shelves or on a mug tree is a great way to add a fun, functional touch to your modern kitchen. Whether you have a minimalist or modern white kitchen or prefer a more industrial kitchen look, displaying items like these can add a spot of colour while being practical.

Kitchen inspiration for when your storage needs updating 

  1. Find a fun new way to display your utensils. This really helps if you want to show off everything your kitchen has to offer! These displays can be simple, like using a peg rail or butcher’s hooks. Using utensils from matching sets or mixing them up are both an option – it all depends on the style and decor of your kitchen.
  2. Try incorporating some open shelving. Not only will this help you out in terms of adding storage space, but it can also transform your kitchen into something a lot more interesting! You can use these shelves to display your favourite pieces of crockery, or even place plants and other decor items on them for a homier feel. 
  3. Install a wall unit. A wall unit can both look great and serve a function! One of these handy devices can be placed anywhere in your kitchen and can be filled with whatever you use most. For example, placing one near the oven and hob and filling it with spices is a great option for someone who loves cooking and is looking for ease of use in their kitchen. 
  4. Consider completely new cabinetry. You may want to completely redo your storage space! Installing a new kitchen cabinet layout gives you the option to play around with colours, textures, and styles. Handleless cabinets, wooden cabinets, glass cabinets, open plan cabinets… the options are endless! Do some research on what kind of cabinetry will suit your kitchen best.

Kitchen With Plants

When one texture just isn’t enough

  1. Play around with wall textures. Simply changing up the look and feel of one of the four walls in your kitchen can make a world of difference. Whether you choose a tiled wall, a brick wall, or a wallpapered one, this extra pop of texture can really go a long way towards making you feel at home and happy in your kitchen. 
  2. Mix different textures together for a personality-filled kitchen. Who says one texture is enough? You can mix stone, wood, glass, marble, stainless steel, and more to create a kitchen that captures all of your different tastes and styles. With a bunch of different textures all popping in your kitchen, you can really show off each element!
  3. Consider wooden features. For a more rustic kitchen, wooden features are definitely the way to go. Whether you live in a farmhouse or not, something as simple as wood cabinets or benchtops can make your whole kitchen feel like it’s part of a modern farmhouse. 
  4. Change up your flooring. Kitchen flooring makes a huge impact on the overall look and feel of any contemporary kitchen. A kitchen renovation can be as easy as deciding on a new type of flooring – whether it be simple wood, tiles, a painted floor or anything else you think will work well in the space.

Kitchen inspiration for when you want to add to the aesthetics 

  1. Choose a kitchen rug. Whether it’s a funky rug or something more classic and traditional, a kitchen rug is a fantastic addition to either a contemporary or more rustic kitchen. They can be a great way to tie everything together. Or, better yet, they can be a beautiful focal point that adds that extra bit of excitement to your kitchen. (Just make sure you get one that’s easy to clean!)
  2. Think about adding in some quirky displays. Prints and paintings are another great way to provide something in the kitchen that really catches the eye. Fun storage containers displayed on open plan shelves or on your kitchen island can also add that little bit of excitement and a rustic feel to your beautiful kitchen.
  3. Add some new kitchen stools. If you have a kitchen island, breakfast bar or dining area in your kitchen, some nice new stools or classic chairs can change up the aesthetics completely – it all just depends on the look and feel you want in your newly renovated kitchen!
  4. Redo one of your walls in patterned wallpaper. Not only can this add a pop of colour, but it can add some texture too. Choose a wallpaper that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic, or try something completely out of the box! For instance, who knew that ‘modern farmhouse’ was such a good combo? Either way, this contemporary twist on a traditional idea will have heads turning.

Fun Kitchen Display

The Bottom Line

Whatever you decide to do when revamping, updating, or starting fresh with a new kitchen design, rest assured that there are loads of fantastic ideas to choose from to make you feel as at home and happy in your kitchen space as possible.

Beautiful kitchens come in many different forms, and a design specialist can only serve to help you enhance this beauty. So, consider working together with a specialist to make your dream kitchen a reality. Contact Renovation Capital today for any and all of your kitchen renovation needs! We will be happy to help you design your new kitchen and assess what kind of interior design trends will work best for home. 

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