11 Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

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Everyone would like more space in their house, and if you ask people where they feel that there’s a lack of space, they’ll often complain about the kitchen. After all, the kitchen is where we spend a lot of time not only cooking but also eating and entertaining. If space is smaller than average, then it can soon feel claustrophobic. However, while we can’t all have massive kitchens with islands and stainless-steel appliances, there are ways to make a kitchen look bigger, as well as giving yourself more space. Here are a few tips to try in your home.

  1. Match the cabinets to the walls
    Cabinets that are a darker colour than the walls will instantly make a room feel smaller. By opting for light tones in your cabinet doors, and matching them closely to the walls, the eye is fooled into thinking space is bigger. Speak to kitchen designers in Perth and they’ll be able to advise on tones that work. Another trick is to use light cabinets and dark worktops, as this will make it look like the walls are further back.
  2. Keep it clean
    Kitchens lend themselves to minimalism and clean lines, which is great because it helps a room feel bigger. Avoid anything fussy and too decorative, such as ornate cabinets, and avoid having too many shelves with cookbooks or kitchen gadgets on display.
  3. Break through
    If possible, consider breaking down a wall and creating a more open-plan space. Galley and U-shaped kitchens can feel tiny, even if they’re average-sized, but open them into a combined kitchen/diner and the space feels big and open plan. Look for a company that specialises in Perth kitchen renovations, and they’ll be able to advise on some layouts that could work for your home.
  4. Consider extending
    While an extension can be an expensive option to get more space, you could add a conservatory or sunroom to your kitchen, which will give you extra space to work with. This could make a pleasant breakfast room or could be open plan to simply give you more floor space in your kitchen.
  5. Avoid heavy cabinets
    Closed off cabinets can instantly make a kitchen feel smaller. Shelves or glass-front cabinets have advantages such as:
    Making it easier to organise your kitchen
    Having all the things you need on display
    Making your kitchen seem larger
    Making a kitchen feel cosy and lived-in
    Encouraging you to keep your kitchen organisedTherefore, open shelves or glass cabinets make an excellent alternative to cabinets and have a more modern look. Get some inspiration for kitchen displays in Perth from design specialists, as they will be able to help you make this style work with your space.
  6. De-clutter
    Clutter instantly makes a kitchen feel smaller, and we are all guilty of having a lot of gadgets and utensils we simply don’t need. If there are kitchen items you only use occasionally, such as large serving dishes, store them away. Outside of big occasions such as Christmas, most of us only use about half the dishes and glasses in our kitchen, and if they take up all the cupboard space, then other things have to be left on the counter. Look for kitchen designers in Perth who can add more storage space to your kitchen, and ensure things are neatly stored so they don’t clutter your worktops.Keeping things minimal can also help make cooking easier. Ever had a situation where you open a cupboard and everything falls out? Cut down to the bare essentials and you’ll be able to better enjoy your kitchen space.
  7. Think tall and slim
    Avoid furniture that takes up large areas of your floor, or has heavy, thick legs. For example, a breakfast bar with stools will make the room feel much larger than a traditional dining table, and take up much less of the room.Another trick is to opt for vertical patterns. Perhaps go for a feature wall with thick vertical stripes, which bring the eye upwards to make the room feel bigger. Having shelves close to the ceiling also makes a room feel taller, just don’t fill them with clutter.
  8. Bring in the light
    Spaces that are dark and gloomy will often feel smaller. However, some smaller galley kitchens suffer from a lack of light, and modern homes can have small windows. Unless your kitchen is very overlooked, avoid heavy, dark blinds. An alternative to give you privacy is a window film, which ensures no light is blocked. When looking at kitchen designs in Perth, consider whether there’s space for another window or expanding an existing one. Install high-quality glass from a Perth glazier to help bring light into your rooms.If bringing in extra light isn’t a possibility, then consider adding some LED spotlights, especially in darker areas to make the room feel bigger.
  9. Build into the wall
    Traditionally, kitchen cabinets sit out from the wall, which means they take up floor space. If you have an older property with thick walls, you can build recessed cupboards into the wall, giving you extra storage space without taking up extra space.
  10. Shine on
    Opting for gloss, rather than matte finishes, will reflect the light and make your kitchen feel bigger. If you look at modern Perth kitchens, glossy cabinets are a big trend, and an easy way to update your kitchen space.
  11. Add a colourful backsplash
    A bit like a feature wall, a colourful backsplash can make a room feel bigger. Whether it’s a solid colour or a mosaic design, there are endless style options, and they’re very good at making rooms feel taller and wider.A small kitchen doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic. With the right colours, plenty of light, and the right furniture, even a tiny kitchen can feel open and modern. It’s just a case of finding ways to work with space, and fooling the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is.

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