How To Use Dark Kitchen Colours Effectively

Dark Kitchen Colours

The concept of the dark kitchen is more popular than you think! Bringing dark colours into the kitchen can highlight the room and make the space a focal point in your home. A black kitchen is striking and dramatic and will open your eyes to a whole new world of decorating ideas. 

We recommend working with a top-quality team on this kitchen adventure. Well carried off – a dark kitchen brings a touch of true sophistication to your space. Dark colours can be incorporated into your kitchen in several unique ways and can work with a variety of styles. 

Below, we’ve compiled some of the top benefits of having a darker-coloured kitchen so that you may feel inspired to change up your own. One of the make-or-break elements of the kitchen is the kitchen cabinetry. So, we’ll definitely cover how to incorporate dark and black kitchen cabinets into this space, without it feeling cramped, to help you get it right. 

Benefits Of A Dark Kitchen

If you have a modern kitchen, a contemporary kitchen, or any particular interior design ideas in mind, consider a pinch (or a whole floor to ceiling serving) of dark kitchen colour! Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons you should consider adding black, navy or grey into the kitchen space. 

Up The Kitchen Ambience

Adding some inky, dark wood to the mix can promote an intimate atmosphere in the kitchen. Dark cabinetry can help to enclose the space.

Make good use of your kitchen lighting as well. Strategic placement and mood lighting can add a glow to dark spaces. This helps a dark-coloured kitchen to feel cosy yet elegant at the same time.

While some may say that dark colours are not for small kitchens, others know that strategically placing black elements can actually emphasise key kitchen features. Your lighting, colour scheme and layout will need to work in harmony to keep your small kitchen feeling more stylish than ever. 

Keep Your Kitchen In Style

If you’re looking to add some chic to your kitchen, some matt black cabinetry can do wonders. Moody kitchen colours give the room an edgy, sophisticated feeling.

You don’t need a fully dark room either! Think about a white herringbone backsplash, light grey flooring and charcoal grey cabinets. Sounds perfect, right?

Adding black feature pieces, such as a kitchen island, can bring attention to those parts of the room you want to emphasise. Just make sure that you keep it simple and don’t overdo it with too many black items.

Finishing kitchen touches are not to be underestimated either! Items such as brass knobs, stainless steel decor or pendant lights can make all the difference when it comes to pulling the kitchen look together.   

Hide The Rough Patches In The Kitchen 

As time goes by, even the best-kept kitchens will start to show signs of wear and tear. Luckily, some kitchens show the signs of time much less than others. A dark kitchen can hide wear and tear, which is yet another reason to invest in some dark kitchen cabinet paint colours! 

This is also great if you have a family or a lot of people using your kitchen. For example, you might have children prone to spilling things in the kitchen.

Black kitchen surfaces will hide any sneaky residual stains. White walls and kitchen cabinets tend to be less forgiving than black ones, which is something to consider if they might be in the line of fire.

Black Kitchen Cabinets Contrasted With White Walls And Gold Hardware

Contrast The Kitchen Cabinets 

Not only can dark colours highlight bold accent colours, but they also contrast well with light shades. A black and white kitchen, when done right, can be a gorgeous option. 

If you have a modern, clean, light kitchen, incorporating dark cabinets can create a striking effect. It also works the other way! For example, navy blue kitchen walls can provide a dramatic backdrop for a white feature piece. 

How To Incorporate Dark Kitchen Cabinetry The Right Way

If you’re thinking about just plonking in some dark cabinets – think again! Your kitchen ideas will need to take a little more planning than that. Let’s take a look at some kitchen design ideas and trends that will make the space look great with your dark cabinets. 

Double Up On Black In The Kitchen

If you want a fully black kitchen, the black-on-black scheme is bold but beautiful when done right. Pair some black kitchen cabinets with a black wall. These dark colours can work together if you bring in some subtle highlights and finishes.

Consider black stone or some contrasting kitchen colours. A great option would be to add in some kitchen bar stools that are pale grey or a bright colour to attract the eye. 

Monochrome Kitchen

Keep it simple, keep it monochrome. This colour scheme is timeless!

A grey kitchen can work wonders by using slightly different tones and textures. Dark grey units can be offset by a stone benchtop. Pair these grey cabinets with grey walls or flooring in different shades.

Adding some décor, such as leafy green plants, can take a room like this to the next level. 

Two-Toned Kitchen

If you want to bring a stronger element of contrast into the kitchen, you might want to consider two main tones. If you want to highlight your kitchen island against your dark cabinets, why not match the island up to another feature in your kitchen? This helps to create a cohesive theme without much effort!

Warm Grey Cabinetry

Mix It Up In The Kitchen

The easiest way to bring dark colours into your kitchen is to mix up darker kitchen cabinets with other contrasting features. You can also mix darker shades – such as dark grey and black. If you stick to the dark schemes, think about bringing in some natural wood tones to provide contrast and visual appeal.

In A Nutshell

A dark kitchen is an ambitious yet worthwhile colour scheme for your home. If you’re looking for something interesting and unique, then this is definitely an option for you!

If you’re interested in finding out how to incorporate dark features into your kitchen, be sure to contact Renovation Capital today. We will go through all your interior design ideas, colour palette and paint ideas to help you create the perfect kitchen design.

Dark cabinets, and dark kitchens in general, bring a real element of elegance to your space. These kitchen trends are here to stay, so hop on board!

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