Keep Things Classic With A Neutral Kitchen Design

Neutral Kitchen Scheme

Neutral kitchens have a delicious amount of appeal. They look spacious, they fit in well with any style home and they are truly chic. There are many ways to convert your kitchen into one of more neutral colours. And, there are also a handful of exciting ways to jazz up your home if you think it needs a little splash of character!

Surgical whites and bold pops of colour aren’t the only kitchen colour schemes available anymore. Neutral kitchens combine the best of textures, accents and toned-down colours to create a warm, stylish space. Your new kitchen will soon be the touch of elegance that your home needs!

Top Tips For A Neutral Kitchen Makeover

Now, let’s talk about the best kitchen ideas for a neutral space.

1. Wood for warmth

Wood is always a great material to play with when it comes to the kitchen. It brings warmth and creates visual interest that can offset a surgical environment. For example, if you have an all-white kitchen, unpainted timber can bring a great element of texture to the mix.

Stainless steel should also not be underestimated in terms of its visual interest! A kitchen with stainless steel touches might look pretty modern, but adding wood into the works can make it look more elegant. Using wood kitchen cabinets in a white kitchen, for example, will lift the look of the room.

Using too much wood, however, can bring your home into the realm of the farmhouse atmosphere. While we adore this, it can lean away from a simple neutral kitchen. So, make sure that you add wood elements into the kitchen in a stylish way that doesn’t outshine the toned-down look.

2. Shiplap panelling

Bringing elements of texture into a neutral kitchen is a must. Neutral kitchens don’t need to be bland and boring! Highlight a specific area, like the wall between your benchtops and wall cabinets, with shiplap-style panelling. This is subtle, yet it draws the eye.

You can also put it around your tile splashback to play with different textures. This panelling can also be used for kitchen cabinets, to add some rich texture into neutral kitchen designs.

3. Tone it down with tiles

Tiles are great ways to temper warmth in the kitchen or to create subtle visual interest. Using tiles with neutral tones can still draw the eye. Smaller, slimmer tiles are timeless – this look is very safe and easy while being beautiful! You won’t feel the need to change this style, which is great for a sustainable kitchen design.

If you have wood floors, adding some tiling onto the walls might be a good call. You can also use a bolder tiling pattern as a splashback to draw the eye and create a focal point.

Neutral Kitchen With Tiled Walls

4. Dabble with dark colours

Make sure to note that ‘neutral’ doesn’t mean a white kitchen. Gray kitchens, for example, can be sophisticated, a little bit moody and still have a neutral appeal. A home can often benefit from the touch of some darker colours.

Dark cabinetry, for example, can be paired with white walls. This combination gives your home character without making it feel boxed in. You could also use dark colours in a light kitchen colour scheme to highlight certain aspects, like the kitchen island.

If you don’t have an open plan kitchen, using too many dark colours can make your kitchen remodel feel small. Using accent material, such as copper, can make your moody neutral space feel more industrial.

5. Beautiful kitchen wallpaper

Create more texture with your neutral palette by using wallpaper. Wallpaper opens your home up to a range of designs and details, which can make for accent spaces that are still subtle. Think about light paisley designs or a soft style. This is a brilliant idea if your paint ideas are feeling a bit bland.

Having a subtle, patterned wallpaper can remove the need for other pieces of décor. This is useful in a neutral kitchen as these spaces look their best when they are more minimal.

Adding Some Pizazz To Your Neutral Kitchen

A neutral palette might look great in your home – although, it may feel a bit bland to you. Luckily, there are many crafty kitchen decorating ideas that can jazz up your home.

Let’s have a look at some of these interior design ideas!

1. No need to part with your art

In a white kitchen, you might be able to add a dash of warmth with wooden countertops or colourful appliances. However, if you feel like you still need a splash of colour, grab some art. A sculpture, or a colourful canvas, can add the visual interest and style that you feel is lacking.

If you would like to echo the colours in your art with anything else in the kitchen, think about pairing it with some bar stools. Bar stools that have colourful seating, with neutral legs, can pick up the tones in your artwork well. This is a great way to introduce colour, while still keeping neutral tones a priority.

2. Bold wallpaper

Yes, we mentioned wallpaper earlier on as well. However, a section of your neutral kitchen might benefit from some striking, rather than calm, wallpaper. For example, having some bold wallpaper behind a glass splashback can make a great accent piece.

Use this carefully, or it could overwhelm the neutral kitchen inspiration you initially fell in love with.

3. Statement lighting

Some boldly-designed fixtures can highlight spaces, such as your benchtops, while still sticking with neutral kitchen design ideas.

Statement lighting, for instance, is a great way to add a striking element of visual interest and style to your home. If your kitchen doesn’t get much natural light, this is the perfect way to brighten it up, while adding a touch of sophistication to create a more glam kitchen.

Neutral Kitchen With Statement Lighting And Lots Of Wood

A Neutral, Beautiful Kitchen Is Just Around The Corner

Above, we’ve laid out our favourite ideas for converting your space into a neutral style. You might find your white kitchen a bit bland. If anything, adding a careful dose of colour can highlight the neutral tones around it.

If you would like to discuss any more information, give Renovation Capital a call today. Your neutral, elegant kitchen reveal awaits!

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