7 Small Bathroom Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Small Bathroom Ideas Australia

Has your small bathroom begun to feel more cluttered than quirky? We’ve looked around for some of the best small bathroom design ideas to help you achieve your bathroom dreams! You can use these to create more space in this room. Or at least create the illusion of more space!

Small spaces can be tough to function in – especially when it’s a bathroom. It can take the fun right out of your morning routine. However, by using some small bathroom designs, you can up the functionality and aesthetic of small bathrooms! 

Top Small Bathroom Ideas Australia

With these small design ideas,  you can scale up your home with minimal effort. Bathrooms are a critical part of your house and there are many benefits to keeping these rooms looking great. 

So, let’s not waste any time! It’s time to talk storage, shower screens and subway tiles with these great small bathroom ideas. Australian bathrooms are about to get a whole lot more stylish! 

Don’t Cut Corners – Use Them 

You may find that there’s one corner of the room that looks a bit bare and other areas look jam-packed. If this is the case, you might want to install a corner shower and remove your existing one.

For a uniquely shaped bathroom, consider an inset bath. This will allow you to use the corner of the room and add surface area around the bath. Another perk is the retreat-style atmosphere that comes along with an inset bath.

If you use one end of the room to harbour a beautiful bath, you can add in a shower hose. Combining the bath and shower experience can save floor space and add style to small bathrooms. 

Oval Baths

This section can go hand in hand with the above tip on placing a bath in the corner. An oval bath adds the illusion of space in your small bathroom! Don’t run from these – embrace them.

A freestanding oval bath doesn’t touch the corners, making the whole room look more spacious. 

If you’re worried about the pipes making your bathroom look cluttered, you might want to consider a low shelf. This will keep the pipes out of sight and give you a surface that you can use to decorate with bath salts and plants.

Small Bathroom Ideas Combined Bath And Shower

Get Your Glass On

Using frameless glass in your shower can add a more spacious feeling to your small bathroom. The shower is a feature piece in your bathroom. So, experimenting on how to make this look more open is important. Keeping the shower frameless will promote the feeling of clean lines and simplicity. 

A walk-in shower is a great way to keep the easy-and-open feeling. Having a shower door that needs to swing open might not be the best idea for this small room as there’s a good chance it could hit something.

Think about using a sliding door or having a long glass shower screen and leave one side completely open. Of course, this depends on how your bathroom is laid out but it’s definitely worth considering if you’re doing a bathroom renovation.

Be Brave With Shapes In Your Small Bathroom Ideas

Just because your bathroom is lacking in size, it doesn’t need to be boring. An excellent way to add some interesting focal points to the room is to include different tile shapes and patterns. This adds a touch of style, without being overwhelming. 

One idea is to include tiles that aren’t squares. Hexagonal tiles, for example, are subtle and clean. If you use a particular tile shape, a good idea is to include it in other rooms of the house as well. This subtle link is easy on the eye and adds something special to the design of your home. 

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall 

Mirrors, along with windows, are excellent for adding a spacious touch to your home. When it comes to small bathroom ideas, we think that bathrooms in Australia need a few more mirrors! You can hang these above your vanity, or put standalone mirrors on your benchtops. 

If you have a window and really want to maximise natural light, you should consider having a whole wall of mirrors to enhance your small space. A bathroom mirror wall will not only lighten up the room but will create the feeling of space. This idea will work wonders for a family bathroom and a master bathroom. 

There are lots of ways to incorporate mirrors into your bathroom. A mirror wall design is classy – not to mention extremely functional. You can also simply hang multiple mirrors on one wall for a unique design but similar effect. 

Small Bathroom With Big Mirror

Open Floors

You might have a vanity, or cabinets, intruding on your small bathroom design. Yet, your walls are bare! Keeping your floor space open makes the space less cramped.

If you have a large, standing vanity, you may want to consider a floating vanity instead. You still get the benefit of the vanity top and all the storage room – it’s just connected to the walls instead of the floor! 

When it comes to freeing up floor space in your bathroom, the walls are your friend. Think about keeping your cabinets off the floor and on the wall too. If cabinets won’t work and you need more storage space, opt for shelving.

Making use of walls, instead of the floor, is a top tip for maximising small-sized bathroom space. 

Inset Storage

Speaking of using the walls of your bathroom, you should consider inset storage space. Inset shelving can save a lot of space in your bathroom. Having inset space will also decrease the need for large benchtops!

No matter the size, a benchtop takes up quite a bit of room. So, by keeping your storage inset, you can improve storage while not taking up too much space.

Final Thoughts On Small Bathroom Ideas Australia

Small bathrooms can still be places of sanctuary after a long day. Using these neat design tricks, you can maximise the space available to you and give your bathroom a makeover. Nobody said a small bathroom couldn’t be functional and sophisticated! 

We always recommend getting professionals on board to ensure flawless interior design.  So, if you’re looking to have your bathroom redone, be sure to contact Renovation Capital today. We can help make your small bathroom ideas come to life!

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