Ultimate Guide To Bathroom Cupboards: Materials, Styles, And More

Bathroom Cupboards

Having the right bathroom cupboards can make all the difference in Australia. Your bathroom can help to increase the value of your whole house – so it must stand out. As such, functionality and aesthetic are both bathroom essentials! Your vanity needs to boast style, storage space and a colour that enhances the theme of this room. 

If you’re looking at a bathroom makeover, why not rethink your bathroom cabinets? There is a wide selection of cabinet types and styles that can completely transform your bathroom, the choice is all yours!

So, let’s talk about some of the top considerations when choosing your new bathroom cabinet storage and so that you can find the perfect option for your home. Whether you’re looking for a luxury vanity or a simple cabinet to keep all your shower items and bath goodies in, we can help you out.

Considerations When Choosing Bathroom Cupboards

You need a bathroom cabinet or vanity that will slot into your life perfectly. So, there are some important factors to consider about your home before making a purchase. First off, think about how much storage you need. If you’re big into the organization of your shower or beauty products, you might want to consider more drawers for your cabinet. If you have a family, you need to think about sink space and cabinet size. 

A big question to ask yourself is whether you’re leaning more towards style or functionality. Of course, you can have both! But, you may want to incorporate more of one aspect into your bathroom planning. 

Take a moment to look at your current décor (or the décor you want if you’re in the process of remodelling). This might give you a good idea of what kind of cabinets to bring into your home for the best organization, storage, aesthetic appeal and everything else! 

Remember – all homes will differ for the considerations we’ve mentioned. You might share a bathroom with one or two other people, have a beloved shower screen that will clash with the colour of your vanity, or have minimal products to store. The important thing is to know what you have and need, and find a vanity that suits your life! 

Bathroom Cabinet Materials 

Once you have some ideas of what bathroom cabinets will suit this room, it’s time to think about materials. This is more important than the look of your vanity! If the material doesn’t suit the space, then the cupboards won’t look good in your bathroom. We suggest consulting an experienced team of professionals like Renovation Capital to ensure that your bathroom and cabinets are cohesive. 

Luckily, there’s a great selection of materials out there. Marble, porcelain, ceramic tile, granite, stone and acrylic are some great options. These open the door to changing the atmosphere of your bathroom to one that suits you!

If you’re looking for something bright and colourful, ceramic tile is a great way to go. If simplicity and minimalism catch your heart, you might want to try porcelain. 

For the cabinet doors of the vanity, you might want to think about natural wood or laminate. Bringing some natural themes into the bathroom space can highlight your décor.

The material of your bathroom cupboards will also be dependent on your budget. Keep within your spending limit while still enjoying great results by working with a trustworthy company in Australia.

Modern, Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet Shapes

One more thing to take into consideration is the shape of your vanity and the shape of your bathroom. The shape of your bathroom will deeply impact the collection of items that you have in this space. Take into account the layout of the room and the organization of the key features, such as your bath. 

If you’re giving your bathroom a makeover, then you might not be able to move these. However, if you’re remodelling, then you need to seriously consider the shape of the bathroom, as well as the type and size of vanity. 

Top Styles & Ideas For Bathroom Cupboards

Inset Bathroom Cabinets

These might be on the pricier side of things, but they’re worth it! If you’re going for a modern, clean-cut look, this is the cabinet unit for you. These cabinets are cut to fit perfectly into the frame.

Although these are stylish, they can offer less storage than other options. This is because they slot into the frame differently than other styles of cabinets. Due to the craftsmanship that these demand, you can be assured that they will be top quality. If you’re ready to invest, you won’t regret it! 

Distressed Bathroom Cabinets

You’ll be anything but distressed with this type of cabinetry! If you’re going for a farm-style bathroom, then this is a fantastic option. These bathroom cabinets will have undergone a special weathering technique that gives them a vintage feel.

Mirrors, metal finishes and clear lighting all go hand in hand with the distressed look. This cabinetry also pairs well with many different décor styles so it will fit in perfectly with all your different bathroom ideas. 

Wooden Bathroom Cabinets

These are incredibly popular and are stylish bathroom storage ideas as they add a beautiful natural tone to the room. There are also loads of different stains and wood species to choose from, so you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for your bathroom cabinet.

Basic wooden storage is a great addition to traditional spaces in your home. If you’re looking to change or revamp your bathroom but don’t want to do anything too risky, this is a great way to go. 

Glass Bathroom Cabinets

Clean, sophisticated and flexible. This style of cabinetry will suit many bathroom ideas and styles and can bring in a fresh feel and look to your home! 

Glass cabinets allow the contents of your storage to be seen. Not only is this a great way to find what you’re looking for easily, but it’s perfect for creating a neat display in your bathroom. You can place beautifully-packaged bath and shower products here or even add some colourful towels to brighten up the atmosphere.

Glass Bathroom Cabinet

Find The Perfect Bathroom Cupboards Australia

Your bathroom is an important room in your home, and it needs to look great! If you want to find the perfect bathroom cupboards for your space, give Renovation Capital a call today. Our team of experts in Australia will suggest affordable prices and products that of the highest quality. Anyone can have bathroom storage that is functional and beautiful!

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