6 Tips For Creating A Country-Style Kitchen

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Country-style kitchens are charming and cosy. If you love to gather with friends and family in the kitchen space, then this room must have the right atmosphere! Country-style kitchens use lots of natural wood and pastels. However, if you love a splash of bright colour, this design is for you too! 

This style can be tweaked according to how you want the room to feel. You can design an elegant, modern country kitchen or a quirky, retro, farmhouse kitchen.

Incorporating a touch of farmhouse style into your home is a fantastic idea. A country, farmhouse kitchen gives you a great excuse to pull out some antiques, install those open shelves you’ve always wanted, and finally get hold of some beautiful reclaimed timber

Top Tips For Creating A Country-style Kitchen

Country-style kitchens use lots of neutral tones, which make them easy to integrate into any home. Let’s have a look at some of our top tips and ideas for creating a country-style kitchen. Your new kitchen is right around that vintage cabinet! 

Hold On To Those Beams

One of the most beloved features of the country kitchen design belongs to the style of property we most often find country kitchens in. Beautiful original features, such as oak beams and wooden floors, can take your country kitchen to the next level. If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, make sure to leave these elements! They will add a definite farmhouse feel to the design. 

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t touch up the beams and flooring. Because they’re on display, they need to be in the best condition! Ask a designer for advice on how to go about doing this – you don’t want to accidentally ruin these. 

If you have stunning wooden elements on the floor and ceiling, consider painting your cabinets for an authentic farmhouse look and feel. Country-style kitchens often feature painted cabinetry. Try to use a cool shade that will highlight the warm tones of the wood in the rest of your country kitchen and home.

Modern, Country-Style Kitchen With Exposed Beans And Red Accents

Painted Floor 

Some people might prefer a floor that doesn’t bring in so much warmth. You might want to consider painting your wooden floors, instead of taking them out. Painting your wooden floors can be useful if you already have strong wooden features, such as a modern kitchen island bench, cabinets and beams. You can paint your floor white, or a beautiful pastel colour, for a truly country look.

Having a painted floor can also bring a vibrant element into your kitchen. This is a budget-friendly idea if you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation, as it is something you can do to touch up your space without breaking the bank.

If you like the idea of a white kitchen floor, remember that it might get dirty. This is an important consideration if you have pets, children or a large family. 

Roughly Constructed Cabinets

Rough-hewn cabinets just scream ‘country kitchen’. These are a beautiful element to add to your kitchen as they will emphasise the kitchen design you’re after. Handmade, rough-hewn cabinets bring a distinctly rustic feel to the room. 

If you’re a fan of modern country kitchens, these are still a great option. Because these cabinets bring such a country feel to the space, you can incorporate more modern elements and still retain the rustic look. Modern country design is perfect for sophisticated, yet cosy, homes.

These cabinets pair well with warm, old-timey elements. Think about incorporating copper finishes for a modern country look. The wood in the cabinets can also be echoed in a feature benchtop, such as that on an island. A wooden benchtop is stylish and more budget-friendly than, for example, stone. 

Reclaimed Wood 

We love the idea of incorporating reclaimed wood like timber into kitchen designs. This material can be used in many ways. It’s also a fantastic excuse to have a feature wall! A reclaimed timber feature wall brings a rustic, country feel to the table. 

If you like this idea, you should try to keep the other three walls simple. Painting them white, or another neutral shade, is the way to go. You can bring more timber-like elements into the room with a dining table or wooden chairs.

If you love the idea of a timber and white kitchen – this one’s for you! 

A Bit Of Contrast 

If you love dark colours, such as black, but still love country kitchens, don’t despair! You can indeed incorporate black and other moody colours into the kitchen design. We love the idea of a dark, stained wood island. This will truly be a feature in your country kitchen and adds a more modern touch as well. 

A dark wooden island will be perfectly highlighted against a light colour palette in your kitchen. It will stand out amid white walls, a white tiled splashback, and lighter natural materials. 

If you aren’t considering an island, bring some contrast into the kitchen with dark grout and white tiles. This will bring attention to the tiles, and the dark grout can be echoed around the kitchen space with some dark decor. 

Modern, Country-Style Kitchen


Painted kitchen cabinets are the perfect place to solidify your kitchen colour scheme. You can easily incorporate pastels or beautiful bright colours. You can also blend floating cabinets with freestanding, antique pieces – bring both old and new elements into your country kitchen.

Freestanding furniture is a lovely option for homes with irregular walls! They can also be counted on to tie a country kitchen together.

Another rustic storage option would be open shelving. Open shelves are great as they can carry your colour palette, as well as show off your crockery, pots and pans. If you keep your shelving neutral, you can always bring a colour pop into your kitchen with a display of brightly coloured crockery and appliances. 

Closing It Up On Country-style Kitchens

Country-style kitchen designs work well in many homes as they tend to be fairly neutral with an old-school, rustic twist. Our top 5 kitchen design ideas for this style can also be slightly tweaked to bring in a modern hint. So whether you’re looking for something simple and inviting or a unique kitchen with a mix of different elements, you can’t go wrong with a country-style kitchen!

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