Best Kitchen Ideas To Spice Up Your Space

Kitchen Ideas

These days, a kitchen has the potential to be a real feature in all homes. Getting your kitchen designed beautifully will do more than inspire culinary creativity. It has the ability to uplift the atmosphere of your whole home!

Romantic dinners, family events and impressing inlaws – your kitchen is sure to set the tone for your home. Using stunning kitchen ideas that stand the test of time can help you achieve a stylish and cost-effective kitchen that you will love now and in 10 years time.

8 Best Kitchen Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Continuous Sinks

One of the best kitchen ideas is the continuous sink. You may have mixed feelings about this – but if it is well implemented, it can add a touch of timeless style to your kitchen design. A continuous sink is made of the same material that your countertops are made from. Is your surface marble? Well – now your sink is, too!

This design will make the surface seem continuous, rather than broken up by a stainless steel sink. If you’re not comfortable implementing this yourself, Renovation Capital designers will be able to assist you in choosing the best material.

Keeping Cupboards Within Reach

Although high cupboards are a go-to if you have a small kitchen, they can make a space seem more crowded than it is.

Not having high up cupboards leaves you with more wall space to decorate and brings a more minimalist touch to the party. In most designs of kitchens, taking the minimalist approach is a great way to keep things neat and sleek. This is particularly important in a small kitchen seeing as you don’t have much space to work with.

Hidden Cupboard Kitchen Ideas

Hidden cupboards are in line with sleek and clean-cut kitchen designs. This doesn’t mean that the cupboards are actually hidden! This means that the front of the cupboard has a flat panelled appearance and that the handles don’t protrude outwards. In this case, the handles are ridges that run along the top or the side of the cupboard.

The cupboards are built-in, and look like they are a part of the wall. Features like this can give your home the illusion of having more space, which is great if you’re going for a more minimalist approach.

If you’re looking to keep your kitchen modern, then it’s a good idea to choose these handleless units in tones such as white and grey. Keeping the kitchen monotoned and relatively neutral is great for a modern touch.



Marble is a sleek and classy finish to your kitchen. Although there are many people out there that don’t see the potential of marble, those who do reap the benefits. It is pricey and can be slightly fragile, which is also why people shy away from it. However, the marble used these days in kitchen design is tougher.

The surfaces will be cooler than other types – which can be a perk if you love to bake and need to use cool tabletops.

A Decluttered Kitchen

If you’ve ever been to a kitchen showroom, you’ll know that they are perfect. No dust, no day-to-day living clutter – they’re totally immaculate! This isn’t entirely representative of kitchen life. However, something close to this isn’t unattainable!
Choosing clean-cut styles for your kitchen will introduce you to lots of clean lines and clever storage space ideas.

Using deep, easy-gliding drawers can reduce the need for spices and oils that sit on the countertops. Little compartments that house separate kitchen elements can make packing things away and keeping those compartments clean much easier.

Having a kitchen island can also increase your storage space significantly! With one of these, you can store all of your pots, pans, plates, bowls, and everything else in one central spot. So, if you want an organized kitchen, an island is definitely worth some consideration.

The Luxury Touch

Design is often tasked with making a room look more high-end. Adding a luxury touch to your living room, dining room and kitchen can really change the tone of the space. In your dining room, for example, you could add a snazzy dining table. This will give the whole room a facelift!

In your kitchen space, people are increasingly on the lookout for that high-end touch. Possible choices for these include boiling water taps, wine fridges and American-style freezers. Even just one of these luxury items can give your home a lift.

A Pop Of Colour

If your space is all about the white kitchen and hardwood floors, it might need a dash of colour through an accent wall or unique decor. Monochrome is in, with neutral colours adding to a timelessly classy space.

However, getting a little bit bold is nothing to be afraid of!

Bright splashes in colours like green, midnight blue, black and deeper shades of grey add a chic finish to your interior design.

Mix It Up With Unique Kitchen Ideas

Mixed materials have been in fashion for years – with no sign of stopping. Some people may feel as though this design is not very homely. However, that’s not necessarily true! The trick is to take a functional, stylish approach to a comfortable space. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too, especially in the kitchen, right?

Exposed bricks and pipes, no-fuss feature pieces, metals and wood – these kitchen design ideas can bring some Scandanavian influence into your home. Think about having a kitchen island with mixed materials or an interesting wall of brick. This will truly make your kitchen stand out from the rest!


Design Your Dream Kitchen Today

The kitchen will always be the heart of the home. Making sure that it is a comfortable, stylish space will bring you joy for years to come. Hopefully, these kitchen ideas have given you some inspiration to spruce up your kitchen and make it a space you enjoy being in.

If you have a tough-to-design kitchen space, such as one with a u-shape, our designers can bring out the best in it. If you’re looking for help choosing a kitchen island, or already have a kitchen design idea in mind, contact Renovation Capital today for a quote and a consultation.

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