DIY Kitchens – How To Upgrade Your Kitchen By Yourself

Diy Kitchen Ideas And Tips

DIY is a great alternative to a full-on kitchen remodel. There are many things in your kitchen that you can tweak just a little to make a big change. When it comes to DIY kitchens, think about sprucing up the doors, the lights and adding some functional aspects (such as labels on jars). There is a whole world of these game-changing ideas out there so let’s take a closer look!

Best DIY Kitchen Ideas

Although a kitchen renovation can make your kitchen dream come true, it can be a cost that you aren’t quite prepared for just yet. It also takes time for a full makeover! If you’re looking to update your kitchen space, but the time isn’t quite right for a whole remodel, then a DIY kitchen is the way to go!

Change Up The Highlights

Lighting is the key to a great atmosphere in the kitchen space. A change in lighting can help you highlight totally different spaces, which changes the look of the whole room! Think about swapping out the lights underneath your kitchen cabinets. Getting some new, modern hanging lights above your kitchen island is also a fantastic idea to bring attention to these spaces.

Less Is More In DIY Kitchens

Aside from being a popular trend at the moment, minimalist kitchens are striking. If your kitchen is cluttered, then it might be time to reassess. Do you actually like and use all of those appliances and crockery sets? If you haven’t used certain items in years, it might be time to say goodbye.

Putting a minimalist spin on your kitchen is a great idea – especially if you have kitchen cabinets that you can reorganise. This will mean that you can free up benchtop space by making better use of your storage space.

Antique It Out

If you’ve got some antique elements stashed away that you feel like cracking out, this is a perfect time. Setting up antique décor can give your DIY kitchen a rustic feeling. While many people are embracing the modern style, having some vintage items can add some unique characteristics to your kitchen and make it stand out.


Flat Pack Kitchen DIY Ideas

If you need a snazzy way to increase the storage space, grab some flat pack kitchen cabinets. These flat-pack packages are a wonderful way to add a DIY touch to your kitchen. Make sure to get a quality brand – Australian-made, if possible. Take a good look at the best Australian-made flat pack cabinets and other DIY kitchen items so that you can start transforming your dream kitchen in no time (and with high-quality goods).

A Splash Of Colour

If your kitchen is looking a bit same-old, same-old, it’s time for a brave new step. Dabbling in accent walls, doors or décor is a great way to upscale your kitchen – DIY-style! Add some funky, quirky elements to the room. We promise you won’t regret it.

Take, for example, red tiles. These are daring, but they can be pulled off effortlessly with the right pairing. Add some country kitchen style elements, such as white cabinetry and tablecloths. This combination can make bright pops of colour the perfect additions to your new kitchen. You can also look into different colours for your flat pack kitchen cabinets to help you create the right atmosphere.

Feature Pieces In DIY Kitchens

If your kitchen isn’t catching your eye anymore, think about introducing an entirely new feature piece. Also, consider adding some different finishes to your kitchen like stainless steel and other metallic elements. These materials can create a modern, industrial feeling. Incorporate these finishes into your benchtops, kitchen cabinets and décor to create a cohesive kitchen theme.

Get Functional

Functionality is really the priority in kitchen design. Although don’t get us wrong, the look and feel are almost equally as important! Getting functional doesn’t have to be separate from being aesthetic. Look for ideas that can make your utensils, spaces and benchtops easy to use, clean and maintain. Adding labels and sorting out all your kitchen items into their own designated areas is simple and effective. This is a great way to DIY your kitchen into a space that you love even more!


Changing the tiles can be an excellent way to spruce up the space. New, high-quality tiles will make your kitchen look entirely different! If you’ve had the same standard-looking tiles for years, think about changing up this element. You can retile the floor or add in wooden flooring – there is a wide range of options here!

Also, think about adding in a new, beautifully tiled splashback. You can choose tiles with colourful designs or geometric patterns to add something a little extra to your DIY kitchen.


Wooden Spoons

DIY time is the perfect occasion for you to finally pay attention to your mismatched wooden spoons. If you have a few of these lying around, it might be time for you to give them a new look! Try sanding down the spoons, and dip the bottoms into different colours of paint. After this has dried, cover them with a food-safe final coat. These will be fun, quirky DIY additions to your new kitchen.

‘Gilty’ Pleasure DIY Kitchens

Is your kitchen a bit too heavy on the wooden feel? Wooden doors, tables and bowls? One of the best DIY ideas for your kitchen is gilding your wooden items! Warm coppers and golds are all the rage right now so why not incorporate this into your new DIY kitchen style? Attaching gold leaf to some wooden bowls will add a modern, sophisticated (not to mention luxurious) look to the room.

If you need some kitchen inspiration before you embark on this venture, there are a lot of tutorials online to help you out. Bear in mind that these bowls will now be for fruit and décor purposes only – you’re not supposed to eat out of them!

Get Creative With DIY Kitchens

When it comes to DIY kitchens, there are a lot of ideas out there for you to play around with! Tapping into your left brain for a bit of DIY is not only good for the soul, but it can be fantastic for your kitchen! There is a wide range of options for sprucing up your kitchen space in this fashion. If you would like to take your kitchen a step further, feel free to contact us at Renovation Capital to help you design the Australian-made kitchen of your dreams!

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