How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Designing a Kitchen

Kitchen Design Mistakes

It’s the centre of the house, the place where the day is shared over the kitchen table, or people congregate at parties. If you think of your childhood home, memories of the kitchen will pop up, of pleasing aromas and homework being done, of rushed breakfasts and long dinners. Perth kitchen designers reckon it’s the room that gets most wear and tear, from their considerable experience.

Kitchen Renovation or design is a huge project, which requires a great deal of thought. You want a dream kitchen but you don’t know where to start. Or, you have a great idea but you’re not sure of the fundamentals. In this instance, it’s best to talk to someone experienced in kitchen design, to avoid the common blunders that happen due to lack of knowledge. Perth kitchen designers have seen their fair share of kitchen nightmares, from having a kitchen display that looks great on paper that just doesn’t function in reality, to kitchen renovations that have gone horribly wrong and need experts to start from scratch. These all stem from common errors, which we’ve compiled a list to help you avoid.

1. Doing it all by yourself.

Even if you’re handy around the house, it’s good to get some professional advice. Kitchen designers in Perth will be familiar with most types of home, and can advise whether your measurements are correct. They don’t need to choose every light switch or appliance, but with their considerable experience of kitchen renovation, kitchen design and displays, they are an invaluable source of information. Remember this isn’t your day job, but it is theirs. They know what’s new on the market, what the best gadgets are and where to look. Spending a couple of hours with a Perth kitchen designer could save you plenty of time and money.

2. Give yourself plenty of storage.

We don’t really consider how much stuff our kitchen actually contains. When carrying out kitchen renovations in Perth, sometimes what seems like a great idea actually won’t contain everything you need, or it won’t be accessible. When spending a lot of money on your new kitchen design, it is tempting to spend on beautiful appliances or a polished counter, but what you will most appreciate in the long run is everything having its own place and being easy to access.

Take note of all the strange shaped items that you need to access on a daily basis. Having them at your fingertips will mean a lot more to you in the life of the kitchen than things that look nice. This is also a good time to look at what you don’t need and throw it away.

3. Plan your benchtops.

In kitchen renovation, one of the main complaints is that there’s not enough benchtop space. Think about how traffic flows through your kitchen. Ideally, your kitchen design should take this into account so that you’ll have a comfortable space that is also functional for your needs. Kitchen designers understand the need for the benchtops to be decorative, but also need to know your specific circumstances and what activities take place at the benchtops.

Which appliances are permanently located on the benchtop? Ensure your kitchen designer has an idea where these are, to plan for electrical outlets so that the space doesn’t become overloaded.

The material is important too. Some high priced natural wood, stone and metallic countertops need regular maintenance or can be damaged easily. Check with your kitchen maker that it suits your long-term requirements.

4. Not getting new appliances.

You’re putting a great deal of thought, energy, time and money into your new kitchen and though your appliances may work fine, it is worth considering a couple of factors. Are they taking up too much space? A newer model may be more sufficient for your current needs. Whilst having your kitchen renovation done, think about how long you’d like this kitchen to last. Will your appliance last that long? Is it noisy? Kitchen designers in Perth can tell you the benefits of the latest models that might be more suitable for your new kitchen. Energy-saving models could save time and money, so it’s definitely worth considering.

5. Designing to keep up with the trends.

After evaluating your space with a kitchen designer in Perth and deciding on a budget, you’re thinking about style. It’s only natural to want the bright, shiny current trends, but fashion is fickle. Bold, red kitchens might be very much in, but that kitchen design could look very dated in less than two years. Also bear in mind that you might decide to move, and whilst your kitchen may have a place in your heart, the prospective buyers may not be keen on the coloured finish that was in four years ago. From floors to trims, everything can be an expression of what is current, so ask your kitchen designer whether your preference will stand the test of time.

Renovation Capital deliver premium kitchens in Perth and WA and have combined experience of over 150 years. Drop into our showroom on the corner of Harborne Street and Salvado Road in Subiaco, WA 6008 or simply call 08 9388 6667 to speak to us about your kitchen design or kitchen renovation needs and we’ll be happy to advise on the best kitchen choices for you.

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