Top Kitchen Splashback Ideas – Get Inspired!

White Kitchen With Subway Tile Splashback

If you’re looking for an exciting way to spruce up your kitchen, it’s time to get some kitchen splashback ideas out on the table. Kitchen splashbacks are the perfect way to echo design elements around your home. You can also make your splashback a focal point in the kitchen. 

Texture, colour, shape and pattern. All of these elements need to be considered when choosing your favourite kitchen splashback (also known as a backsplash). Kitchen splashbacks are the perfect blend of form and function. They need to be easy to clean (if you cook a lot), but that doesn’t mean they can’t add a beautiful touch to your cooking zone. 

The Best Splashback For You

As much as we love to talk about the aesthetics of splashbacks, there’s more to the story. The fit and feel of any kitchen splashback is critical. However, it also needs to do its job as a zone that catches cooking splashes. Your extractor fan is not, unfortunately, going to do the full job. The perfect splashback for you needs to suit your lifestyle. 

If you prioritise aesthetics, you should choose a splashback that will make a statement – such as an exposed brick splashback (although this is trickier to clean). If you need a more functional splashback, then you’ll want something heat resistant and easy to clean (think an elegant marble splashback). You need to consider your budget, how easy the material is to clean, wear and tear, and if the splashback might stain.  

Top Kitchen Splashback Ideas

For many, a tile splashback with simple white subway tiles gets the job done just fine. But, maybe you want something a little more eye-catching?

Whatever your preferences are, be sure to discuss them with the designers working on your kitchen. To get you started, we’ve laid out some of the best kitchen splashback ideas below.

The Copper Splashback

Copper is a beautiful element to bring into your kitchen. Copper elements are often used to tie kitchen designs together – such as copper fittings in an industrial design. Copper is also very functional as a kitchen splashback idea. It is durable and easy to wipe down. 

The use of a copper splashback also opens up a great interior design route. Think warm wood tones, or alternatively, dark cabinets or benchtops

Clear Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks slot easily into many kitchen designs. They are very easy to clean, and you can also use them as a message board for your family! A great kitchen idea is to use a marker to write notes or grocery lists on your glass splashback. If you have a family home, your kids will love this! 

If the plain glass is a bit too plain for you, consider painting a pattern or simply a solid colour behind the glass (you can also make use of a beautiful wallpaper). But, remember – glass can be fragile! 

Black Glass Splashback

Clear glass has its perks, we agree. However, if you’re looking for something that screams ‘modern kitchen’, black glass is a good option. This is also a fantastic idea for a dark kitchen, as it adds another texture to the mix. 

This is a great way to incorporate a sleek, dark element into your kitchen. Black glass is gorgeous, but you can also find other dark colours for your glass splashback. 

Geometric Patterned Glass Splashback

Play With Shapes And Lines

If you’ve used geometric elements around your home, or if you simply want to bring in an element of visual interest, consider a geometric splashback. A tiled splashback presents you with endless opportunities to incorporate geometric ideas into your kitchen space. Having a geometric touch in your tiling will add a more textured look to your kitchen design. 

A tile splashback can make use of, for example, diamond tiles. This will turn your splashback into a point of interest, even if you use something neutral such as plain white tiles. We love the trend of adding more colour to your white splashback through strategically placed coloured tiles. This creates a more asymmetric effect, which looks stunning as a feature in any contemporary kitchen.  

A Colour-Pop Splashback

We love a splashback that adds a dash of colour to the kitchen look. If you decide to make use of a bold, fresh kitchen splashback, be sure to echo the colour in other elements around your kitchen. For example, if you decide to uplift the kitchen space with a red subway tile splashback, bring red elements into fittings. You can also incorporate colour through vases, crockery and benches. 

Get Reflective With A Mirror

If you love natural light in the kitchen, then this popular splashback idea is the perfect choice for you. Mirrors will enhance the natural light in your home, as well as make space look more abundant. This works well for smaller spaces and it brings in a touch of elegance. 

A mirror splashback will work well with hints of stainless steel around your kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen design, definitely consider mirrors! These splashbacks are also very easy to wipe down, which is always a bonus.  

Patterned Splashback

We love using tiles for kitchen splashbacks. Patterns create a great focal point and are a fantastic way to incorporate colours into the kitchen. Farmhouse style kitchens sometimes feature tile splashbacks with printed patterns. A simple pattern, against otherwise plain tiles, will add that farm-feel that we love. Even a simple herringbone pattern can just make your kitchen pop.


Mosaic Splashback

If you’re feeling bold, we suggest considering a mosaic design for your kitchen splashback. Mosaic tiles will bring in many different shades of colour and shapes, whilst still holding the appeal of tiles. If you want the pattern to really stand out, consider using black grout. 

Give Your Kitchen A New Look With A Splashback Upgrade

The realm of kitchen splashback ideas is vast. Tiles, bricks, copper, stainless steel, marble, stone – any material is open for consideration! These can be a fantastic addition to your home design. Call Renovation Capital today to consult on your kitchen ideas. We’ve got your (splash) back!

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