Kitchen Island Bench Guide (Pros, Cons & More)

Kitchen Island Bench With Wooden Stools

Sleek, simple, and stylish, a kitchen island bench can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen and home as a whole. A well-designed island bench can tick all the boxes for what you need to really spruce up your kitchen and allow for both function and aesthetic appeal. 

Why Does Your Kitchen Need An Island Bench?

Multi-functionality in the kitchen is very important. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, far beyond just cooking and eating. The kitchen is often the hub of the house, and a beautiful and functional kitchen will make you even more eager to work and entertain here too. 

Enter the kitchen island bench – one of the best options when it comes to ensuring versatility in a kitchen design. One of the best reasons for getting one of these is that they allow you to carry out all of your kitchen duties in one convenient area. Simply add some stools and it can even become an extra kitchen dining table or breakfast bar where you or your family can grab a quick meal before you start the day.

You can design your kitchen island bench however you see fit. The island benchtop gives you extra space to prepare and serve food. Adding an oven and hob, sink, storage, and seating to the mix makes your island bench even better! Whatever it is that you need in your kitchen, you can be sure that a kitchen island bench will allow you to install these additions in a tasteful way. 

Keep in mind, however, the space that you are working with! Although you feel you may want one, a kitchen island bench will only work in an area that allows ample space for people to circulate around it to create the perfect work triangle

To make sure that a kitchen island will fit nicely into your kitchen, it’s probably best to consult an interior designer.

Grey And Wooden Kitchen With Island

Kitchen Island Bench Designs & Styles

Breakfast Bar

This really encompasses the idea of a ‘social kitchen’. With the classic breakfast bar, you can make sure that there is ample room for entertainment as well as serving meals. Adding some extras, such as colour and concept, can make you feel more at home, too. You can design it however you see fit: metallic fixtures, pendant lighting, a stone benchtop, or extras like sinks and kitchen storage space. 

Butcher’s Block

Ideal for anyone whose main aim is to add a great workspace to their kitchen, this kind of island bench offers practicality at its finest and allows for extra countertop space. Traditionally, these kitchen islands are made of timber, so they will go great in rustic or country-style kitchens and homes. This wood is also a heavyweight material, so timber kitchen islands will really stand the test of any kind of food prep.

Something Small & Simple

If you don’t have a lot of room in your kitchen but you are still looking to either add some workspace or even just improve upon the aesthetics, this is a fantastic option. Modern and stylish, a small and traditional kitchen island is a square or rectangular structure in the middle of the kitchen. 

It can offer whatever you want: benchtop space, storage, a place to wash up, or a small seating area for when you don’t want to sit at the dining table.

A traditional kitchen island can look good in any type of kitchen. Whether you have an all-white kitchen, something modern and minimalist, or even if you prefer a more traditional home design, an island can fit right into your home interior. 

Service and Storage

You may feel that you need to add functionality and extra storage space to an already crowded or cluttered kitchen. This is where you really need to think about the service that your kitchen island bench is going to offer.

Having one installed with this in mind can transform your kitchen area and allow for extra room in the rest of your kitchen.

Island on Wheels

If you have a large kitchen area but still want to add some style, and storage solutions, this is the design for you! What’s great about these is that you can purchase them or have them designed to work specifically in your kitchen. Either way, they offer a great deal of practicality.

Because they are easy to move around, they can be placed wherever you may want them at any given time, allowing you to decide how to use your kitchen.

Rustic White Kitchen With Island Bench And Stools

The Pros & Cons Of A Kitchen Island Bench


There are countless pros to having a kitchen island bench. You can add functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics all in one go! Although in theory they may sound like they will take up more room, they can often serve the function of clearing up clutter in the rest of your kitchen as they allow for extra storage and workspace. 

They are perfect for open-plan living and can provide a seamless and stylish divider between your kitchen and the rest of your living area. Because they are traditionally in the middle of your kitchen, island benches also allow you to access the rest of your space with ease. 


The cons of installing a kitchen island bench in your kitchen are mostly to do with space. You simply may not have a big enough kitchen to install one so it just might not be practical.

The other con is that it may not work with the rest of the kitchen: it may end up throwing off the balance of the space. If you are unsure, it may be a good idea to have a consultation with a professional kitchen designer

An Island Bench For A New Kitchen Look

If you are thinking about having a kitchen island bench installed, you’ve probably already made up your mind! From a clean white kitchen to a rustic look with timber kitchen benchtops, there is a different kind of island bench for every kind of kitchen and home. Not only this, but they add functionality and practicality to your new kitchen.

Contact Renovation Capital today for any and all of your kitchen renovation needs! We will be happy to listen to your design ideas and help you design your new kitchen. Having been in the business for many years, we can help you find the perfect kitchen island bench that you will simply love!  

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