The Top Kitchen Colour Schemes To Transform Your Space

Warm Grey Kitchen Colour Scheme

With so many kitchen colour schemes to choose from, it can be difficult to make your choice! But, having the right kitchen colour scheme can change the atmosphere of your kitchen completely. As you spend so much time in the kitchen, having the right colours to set the ambience is critical. This space can often be the social hub of the home and a gathering place for your family and guests. So, you want the style and atmosphere to be perfect!

You can choose the mood that you’d like your kitchen to reflect – sophisticated and sleek, light and airy, or even fun and quirky. If you’re planning on a kitchen renovation, or if you’re designing a new kitchen, make sure to seriously think about kitchen colour schemes so that you can create your dream kitchen. 

The Best Kitchen Colour Schemes

Light and Bright Blues

Light blues can add a calm mood to your kitchen. They can be used as accent colours to highlight your favourite sections of the kitchen or can be added to your crockery for a more subtle hint of colour. Light blue can also be paired with a feature colour to make your kitchen pop. For example, think about a light blue kitchen island that has been paired with bright red bar stools. Now your kitchen is instantly retro!  

If you’re a fan of bright blue, you might want to consider using it to highlight certain parts of your kitchen. Think about bringing bright blue into the space in the form of mugs, bowls, vases and ornamentation. You could also opt for bright blue kitchen cabinets if you’re feeling bold!

Ocean Blue Kitchen Colour Schemes

Do you just love the beach? Bring some ocean tones into your kitchen with watery blues. This scheme can combine a whole basket of beautiful blue tones and can create a relaxed atmosphere – perfect for hosting guests!

This colour also works great if you’ve got beautiful wooden-floors. Wood elements work excellently with this scheme! Think about painting your cabinets, walls, or even your splashback with a serene shade of blue to complement your wooden floors or neutral-toned benchtops.

Classic Neutrals 

Now, of course, we have to include neutral schemes on our list! Having a white kitchen with some neutral accents like wooden cabinets or floors just gives your home that classic, timeless style. 

Whites and neutrals are probably the most common and most loved colour schemes for kitchens. This is because you can dress it up or dress it down with your décor and appliances. It gives you the option of experimenting and changing up your style every now and then without having to redo the entire kitchen!

Neutral schemes for kitchens will never go out of style.  It’s all about the simplicity with this one. So, if you love a clean look that doesn’t feel cold, this one’s definitely for you!

Complete Blackout

We all know that black is the new pink. If you’re looking to bring a modern, sophisticated element into your home, this is the way to go. You might think that this colour scheme will make the kitchen feel dark and small. This is not the case if it’s pulled off well! If you pay attention to the process of introducing black to the kitchen space, it will look incredible. 

A pure black kitchen can help the cabinetry blend into the wall and can create a very neat feeling. If you pair black with wood, it can actually create a very warm ambiance as opposed to something dark and gloomy. You can also balance this palette with lots of brass (in terms of hardware and lighting) and butcher-block type benchtops for a trendy look.

If you’re interested in creating a black kitchen, take a look at our guide on how to use dark kitchen colours effectively.

Black Kitchen

Light Or Warm Grey Kitchen Colour Schemes

While we love dark grey, light grey is also a lovely addition to the kitchen! This tone suits modern kitchens very well and can be used to bring a stylish note to the table. If you’re looking at the warmer hues, warm grey is a fantastic way of keeping your kitchen stylish and cozy. 

Warm greys pair very well with, say, copper cookware. If you’re looking at bringing some key items into this colour scheme, think about copper pots and pans. The great thing about this colour scheme is that you can create either a vintage feel or a very stylish, modern look. It’s perfect no matter you style preferences!

Taupe It Up

Soft taupe is a great way to add a small dose of colour to your kitchen without going too wild. It brings in a warm tone to what may otherwise just be a white kitchen. Beautiful neutral tones create a more open feeling and a calm atmosphere. 

If you want to add these neutral tones into your kitchen, look at pairing them with natural wood. Looking for a way to now introduce wood into the kitchen? Think about adding some stained wood kitchen cabinets.

Brighten Things Up With Yellow

Bright, sunny yellow is a happy colour! If you want your kitchen to contribute to a happy, light mood, incorporate a dash of sunshine with the colour yellow. It works well with whites and natural wood tones and can be brought in through crockery and ornamentation. 

If your kitchen is modern, you’ll want to avoid any clutter and try to keep the colour consistent. Try to bring in a pop of yellow by keeping some sunflowers in a vase! This is sure to keep you smiling as real flowers always add something positive to the mood of the room! 

Soothing Green-Grey

This soothing green colour theme is created with a bit of blue and a bit of grey. This is a beautiful colour to bring into the space. Try painting your cabinets or even using it to highlight your kitchen island. 

Pair the green-grey tones that you love with soapstone benchtops. You can also add in some unlacquered brass cabinet handles and terracotta textured items to make this colour palette pop! This scheme is different and creative, but not too overwhelming. 

Soothing Green Kitchen Colour Scheme

Final Thoughts On The Best Kitchen Colour Schemes

The colour palette that you choose for your kitchen can take the room from drab to dreamy! So, choosing the right kitchen colour scheme is the first step to take on your way to finding your dream kitchen design. 

If you need help or advice on choosing the perfect colour scheme, contact Renovation Capital today. From white kitchens to sleek, modern styles, your perfect space is right around the corner! 

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