Organise Your Kitchen With These Kitchen Storage Solutions

Kitchen Storage Solutions Glass Jars

Kitchen storage solutions are a lifesaver for those of us who have a few appliances too many or simply need some extra storage for all our kitchen goodies.

Getting the most out of your kitchen space calls for organisation, nifty accessories and a fresh perspective on those small, unused nooks in your kitchen. 

9 Kitchen Storage Solutions To Keep Everything Neat And Tidy

If your drawers and cabinets are packed, consider the kitchen storage solutions we’ve outlined below. After all, there truly are few things more satisfying than rediscovering benchtop space. If you have a big family or a small kitchen, then these tips are for you! 

Pull-out bins

Having a bin in a kitchen corner is a whole lot less attractive if you need to be space-savvy. If you have a small kitchen, you might not have room for a bin.

Installing a pull-out bin in one of your cabinets is a great solution! You have easy access to the bin and that corner space can be free – this is a great opportunity to invest in a freestanding cabinet! 

Pull-out bins can be installed on your own, so long as you have the right equipment!

Special spice shelves

Custom made spice shelves can free up cupboard space in your home. You’ve probably got a delicious collection of herbs and spices! Making use of a little forgotten nook in your kitchen for a spice shelf is a simple solution. Or, put them on display by taking advantage of some empty wall space.

Whether you want to hang a spice rack in your cabinet or on your kitchen wall, this is a great way to add more space to your kitchen.

A special place to store your spices will also allow for easy access and adds an extra touch of organisation! 

Cabinets for oddly shaped utensils

Ladles and whisks can pose a challenge when you’re trying to find a home for all of your items. If you have some oddly shaped utensils, think about installing a skinny slide-out cabinet. You can have jars in the slide-out sections that you can use to store your different utensils. 

This is a fantastic way to store cooking utensils that don’t quite gel with flat storage or sit nicely in a drawer. Organising them into a different storage space means that your utensil drawer can be more organised!

Old-Fashioned Shelves For Crockery

Racks under floating cabinets

If you have cabinetry mounted on your wall, consider adding a rack underneath. This can be used to store your cutting boards and you can hang some frequently-used utensils below it. Or, think about installing wine glass rails as it’ll make it easy for you to grab a glass while freeing up some cupboard space.

Having racks under your shelves is a fantastic storage option that allows you to keep things organised while having your most-used items within reach!

A Lazy Susan

Funnily enough, the Lazy Susan is a hard worker indeed! When it comes to storage ideas, this might be one of our top solutions. Having a Lazy Susan is a fantastic way to make sure you can find the items usually hidden away at the back of the cabinets. 

You can stash a whole manner of items on this turntable. You can also use a two-tiered Lazy Susan to optimise your storage. 

Above window storage

If you have windows in your kitchen, check to see if the tops meet the ceiling or not. If there is some space on the wall above your windows, consider adding in a shelf. You can use this as display space for any plates, bowls and art you might have. 

If you love your decor, but can’t sacrifice precious kitchen storage, this might be the perfect idea for you! It’s a good opportunity to display your best looking kitchen goodies. This frees up space in your cabinets and drawers for you to store the more practical items. 


Baskets are a great kitchen storage idea if you have lots of smaller items. One example could be in your pantry – you might want to consider grouping all of your baking items in one zone. A basket looks neat from the outside but can store many items. 

It also makes sense if you want to keep things together. If you need to bake – simply go to the baking basket! You can easily find everything you need. You can keep the baskets open as well so that you can see the items. This idea works well for food storage – think about having a vegetable basket in your drawer! 


There’s often a bit of space underneath your cabinets. Toe-kick drawers are an excellent way to store things like baking trays, cooking utensils you don’t use too often, or even placemats. Another great idea is to use these toe-kick drawers to store cleaning supplies! 

Often, we leave these to the under-sink realm. However, you can now use that for something else. If you have long counter space, consider adding a long toe-kick drawer. This can be a home for bigger items, like brooms. 

Kitchen Storage - Drawers


This is one of the top, and most interior design-friendly, kitchen storage solutions. Keep flour, cereal and snacks in big jars or containers. This will help you to avoid the problem of lots of awkwardly-shaped containers. You could also put things like coffee, tea and sugar into matching glass jars to up the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Put some jars in your fridge as well. Rather than having lots of different packages for herbs and sauces, keep it uniform with containers that suit your fridge space well.

The Bottom Line 

Kitchen storage ideas can make your kitchen experience a whole lot better! Using some of these ideas in your kitchen will free up space in your cabinets, drawers, fridge and pantry.

Keeping your kitchen nicely organised will keep the room efficient and neat, which is exactly what you want in a kitchen!

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