Best Designs For A Big Kitchen: How to use your Space

Big Kitchen Layout With Light Neutral Colour Scheme

If you have a big kitchen – you’re going to need some good design ideas. The layout of your large kitchen is more important than the colour and ornamentation combined! Using a layout that highlights the features of your space is key to a stunning room. L-shaped or U-shaped, your layout dictates the entire interior design process.

If you’re starting from scratch – you’re lucky enough to get to choose your new kitchen layout. If you’re renovating, you may have to make do with whichever layout your kitchen already has. All the same – we can help you figure out how to make the most of your space!

Layout Options

Get Social With A U-Shape Big Kitchen

A U-shaped layout can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen space. This is a great option if your kitchen is the social hub of the household. If you have guests over often, or if your family loves to pop in for a chat during dinner preparation – this is the layout for you. It improves not only the social aspect of the space – but the functionality as well!

Islands are also excellent for large kitchens. These surfaces add some flair to your kitchen, as well as being multifunctional. You can use these surfaces to cook, prepare food, and even to eat! It also allows you to face outward whilst you’re using the surface. This is great if you’re talking to someone and preparing something to eat at the same time.

You might need to keep an eye on your kids – this provides that opportunity. You can also easily reach behind you to grab something from your cabinets. Having a U-shaped kitchen with an island in the middle provides a lot of flexibility in the kitchen. There’s also ample space on the counters along the U-shape to stash your appliances, spices, and so on.

Save Space With The G-Shape

One of the best layouts for a large space is the G-shape. Yes – you have a lot of room to work with. But, you may also have a lot of items, or even family members, that fill up the kitchen! In these cases, this is a fantastic layout to incorporate into your home.

If you’re looking for functionality – you can’t go wrong with a G-shape kitchen. In this layout, the kitchen island section connects to the rest of the counter space, which is what makes it different from the island discussed with the U-shape.

This layout really gives you the opportunity to pack the most kitchen possible into your space. You can even use the island as a breakfast bar or a snack space. This is great for kids on the way to school – grab breakfast, some snacks, and off you go!

The Classic L-Shape Kitchen

If you’re looking for ideas that place a focus on flexibility and open space – this one’s for you! The L-shape layout is great for functionality, entertaining and relaxing.

The traditional work triangle approach is often incorporated into kitchen design to ensure efficiency. The L-shape makes use of a zoned approach instead. This allows you to keep different spaces in your kitchen. Although, this doesn’t mean it’s closed off in any way. In fact, it’s the most open layout we’ve discussed so far!

This layout allows you to move with ease around your big kitchen and to add more cooks to the dinner team. This space doesn’t easily feel cramped, although it does easily offer the opportunity for you to outsource the vegetable peeling for the night!


Furniture And Storage

Large kitchen design ideas will mention the furniture and storage options a lot. As there is more kitchen space, there is more room to add feature pieces. There is also more space to add in various storage options and cabinets.

You could incorporate islands, seating, racks and appliances into your new space. You could also use your island choice for seating and extra cooking space. Your pantry has many options as well! You could go with a walk-in pantry, which is a great feature for large kitchens. The pantry could also be freestanding – or your stocks could be spread out in cupboards around the fridge.

If you have lots of appliances, you’re going to need some more storage space than usual. Leaving appliances scattered over your countertops can look messy – so it’s best to give them a home. Luckily, large kitchens can host appliances and their storage space quite easily.

Your furniture and storage choices can also be chosen in line with the style you want for your home. If you’re interested in modern kitchens, then you might want to consider flat-panel cabinets and a stainless steel finish. Large kitchens can easily pull off any style – Hamptons, modern, classic, you name it!


If you’re looking into getting an island or a gorgeous new dining table in your large kitchen design, we highly recommend it! If you have an open space, incorporating an island or table with a bright bowl of fruits or a unique vase filled with blooming flowers on it can be the perfect addition. Having a central feature helps to improve the flow of a large space and gives you something to centre your kitchen activities around.

Lighting For A Big Kitchen

This element can often be overlooked – but don’t make that mistake. It can be crucial to the room! Pendant lights, ceiling spotlights and many other types of lighting can highlight your kitchen space. Think about hanging them over focal points, such as islands or your beautiful kitchen dining table, to bring more attention to them.

Ambient lighting, for entertaining, can make all the difference to the atmosphere! Think about getting lights that dim, so that you can control the intensity.


Final Thoughts On How To Enhance Your Big Kitchen

Big kitchens give you a lot of room to work with and can be an excellent space for your family and friends to gather in. If you need some advice on how best to work with a large space, call Renovation Capital today. Our design team are dedicated to excellent service, and consider happy clients their top priority. Whether you’re looking for a more contemporary kitchen or something more old-school, your dream kitchen is within reach!

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