Turn Your Kitchen Into A French Provincial Kitchen With These 7 Tips

French Provincial Kitchen Style

French provincial kitchens will slot perfectly into the home of someone who loves a good blend of rustic charm and sophistication. This timeless style will whisk you away to the French countryside, where town and country design combine with elegance.

The French provincial style calls for a stylish interior design that is well balanced with warmth. This look can be a little bit hard to attain – but Renovation Capital is here to help! We’re going to talk about what exactly a French provincial kitchen is and give our tip-top ideas for incorporating this look into your home.

What Is A French Provincial Style Kitchen?

This style originates from remote areas of French provinces when craftsmen began to experiment with urban and rural design elements. The town and country elements complement each other beautifully, with neither completely overshadowing the other.

The French provincial style has a refined look that is balanced with strategically placed details. It is warm, textured and perfect for a laid-back, luxurious lifestyle. French provincial kitchens put a focus on materials that would have been around a century ago. Think natural stone or timber. These materials are paired with neutral colours such as cream, grey and white to create a subtle but elegant look.

Carved cabinetry, ceiling beams, simple splashbacks, timber finishes and natural benchtops all come together to create a French provincial look and feel.

How To Turn Your Kitchen Into A French Provincial Kitchen In 7 Steps

Now, are you ready to bring a slice of France to your kitchen space? Let’s talk about just how you can do this.

French provincial architecture

If you’re giving your kitchen a makeover, this element may end up being at the upper end of your price range. If you’re starting your kitchen from scratch, then it’s a great idea to hop on the French architecture train!

One of the most telling aspects of a French provincial kitchen is the architectural features. These features contribute to the atmosphere of the whole kitchen.

Archways and detailed leadlight windows are telltale signs of a French provincial kitchen. Timber beams can create a great deal of French provincial aesthetic to the room.

White Kitchen With Wooden Floor And Lots Of Light

Timber or stone flooring

A change in flooring can make you feel like you’ve stepped into France! There are two options that you might want to consider for flooring: stone and timber. Timber is heavily featured in French provincial kitchens.

In addition to flooring, you can also place echoes of timber around the space to help the style carry through the kitchen. Consider adding timber aspects to the bar stools, doors, furniture and cabinets. Not only is being in a beautiful, natural feel to the space, but it adds some warmth and country-ambience to your home.

Stone floors are a stunning alternative to timber floors in French provincial kitchens. You can also use this material to help the design become a little more cohesive. For example, natural stone that is used for flooring can be used for your benchtop as well. It’s all in the details!

These flooring options will help to tone down any town-style elements you have in the room and add a natural, rough-hewn aesthetic to your home.

Accessories and hardware

Copper pots, wicker baskets and a strategically chosen plate rack are not only functional. Hardware and accessories add the final touches that people notice!

Polished copper, chrome or nickel handles with matching tapware will bring a dash of French provincial kitchen style into any home. Antique accessories can improve your storage solutions and work to bring the kitchen together perfectly.

Shaker-style cabinetry

Traditionally, the French provincial look comes hand-in-hand with shaker-style cabinetry. This essentially refers to a style of cabinet that has a frame constructed around a recessed central panel. This style of cabinetry adds a beautiful dash of detailing to your house and lends itself to the French provincial aesthetic due to the traditional lines.

In modern kitchens, these cupboards tend to be smoother and more seamless. But, French provincial kitchens can host cabinets that are slightly chunkier and thicker – as long as the lines are simple and clean. This balance of rough-hewn and neat is the key to any provincial kitchen design.

Neat and neutral (but not always)

While there may be a stunning, bold colour range you have your eye on, French provincial kitchens tend to be neutral and soothing. Traditional designs will stick with matte off-whites and grey-based whites.

However, there is no need to steer completely clear of other colours. Variations of blues, greens and greys can be used to highlight the kitchen space.

Consider painting your kitchen cabinets to create a brighter space. If you’re looking to incorporate a classy splash of colour, you might want to paint the cabinetry around your kitchen island to spark some visual interest.

Benchtops and splashbacks

Benchtops and splashbacks, in addition to cabinet doors, are great things to pair with natural stone. Granite, marble and grey dolomite are top choices for bringing a French provincial touch to the benchtops in your home.

If you’re looking for a splashback that whispers of French provincial style to the rest of the room, consider using ceramic or marble tiles. Tiling is a great way to experiment with patterns (of which there are plenty to choose from!).

To create visual interest around the splashback, consider using herringbone, subway or square shapes. The use of slightly darker grout colours will highlight the area – adding that perfect finishing touch.

Luxury Kitchen With Marble Benchtops And Wooden Floor


One last touch you’ll need for your new French provincial kitchen is lighting. Pendant lights above the kitchen island bench are a classic element of a French provincial space.

Wall sconce lights are a stunning way to lighten up the space between the benchtops and the cabinetry. Lighting can help bring the different elements of the kitchen together.

A French Provincial Kitchen For All Homes

A French provincial kitchen encompasses beautiful furniture, colours and materials. To bring this slice of the world to your home is hard work, and it can be tricky.

If you need some help from an experienced kitchen designer, contact us at Renovation Capital! We can help you map out your perfect French provincial kitchen and we’ll take care of the rest. Sit back, relax, and grab some Champagne!

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